One Week Down

A week ago tonight, we were waiting in the ER hoping for the green light to go home…well, we’re still here at UCLA and today was a tough day.  After the episode early this morning, we waited a good bit of the morning for an xray to help determine the next step.  The xray did show some fluid in the lungs…not quite pneumonia but something to address nonetheless.  Dr. Andy wanted to get a picc line in him to get Lasix directly into his vascular system and dry up those lungs but Nurse Anita who puts the picc lines in just wasn’t willing to attempt another picc line in Rudy as she has not had any success with him the last several tries (I don’t blame her).  The alternative was to put a peripheral IV line in but that, too, is not easy to do on Rudy.  Dr. Andy did it himself and ended up putting an IV in one of the prominent veins in Rudy’s stomach area…not a typical place for an IV but it worked.  The only drawback is that it is well within Rudy’s reach and he grabbed onto it with his killer grip and almost pulled it out!  As a result, Nurse Sam had to wrap his torso in netting so he couldn’t grab onto it anymore.  If it weren’t for his buddha-belly physique, he’d look like a member of the “Village People” with his fishnet tank.  He finally settled down about an hour ago after a full day of restlessness and discomfort.  We were all pretty concerned around 4pm this afternoon when his fever spiked to 104 degrees…he was seriously uncomfortable at that point and Nurse Sam had him packed in ice from head to toe.  His fever finally broke and he fell asleep soon after.

Dr. Andy is pretty certain he is battling an infection and ordered a couple of antibiotics as a precaution until the cultures come back.  No matter what it is, it’s clear Rudy’s body fought hard against it all day today and so I pray tonight he is able to sleep soundly and rest up…he sure deserves it.  I love this little boy.

17 thoughts on “One Week Down

  1. What a hard day you’ve had! I do pray you both rest well tonight…I’m sure you need it. Many prayers for peaceful sleep and a much better day tomorrow.

  2. I am so bummed you are still at the hospital, Trish. I am relieved, though, that it’s at UCLA with doctors and nurses who know Rudy and you! instead of some other hospital or even on a different floor with strangers. I am sorry that Rudy was so uncomfortable. I too pray he has a better day tomorrow, and you, too. Love, A

  3. Oh, my – I am so very sorry. this sweet, small boy is such a fighter. May God’s peace fill his body and spirit – and yours, Trish, as you try to sleep tonight. There just are no words for this…

    kyrie eleison, Christe eleison, kyrie eleison!


  4. Wish I had such strong smart people fighting for me as Rudi does in you both, his doctors and nurses, plus of course our lord. Hoping a few prayers will make the journey back to health positive for all of you.

  5. Hang in there my friends. Our hearts ache for you until you are all in your warm home together.

  6. God only knows….Rudy and your family are in our prayers and thoughts….sure wish we could do more……hope today is a little better, Dawn’s Mom

  7. Heading for church to do some heavy duty praying for Rudy and for all of you today! Hope to see Oma tomorrow and join my prayers with hers.

  8. So sorry about the latest battle. Hang in there and know that you all are being surrounded by love and prayers.

  9. Glad they are finding the problem so they can get in the solution.Love you Rudy and you keep fighting little man……God bless

  10. Glad they have found the problem so they can get into the solution.Love you Rudy and you keep fighting little man…..God bless.

  11. There’s lots of prayers being offered on Rudy’s behalf — and your’s and Rolf’s. I hope you can feel the love being sent your way from people you’ve never met. It’s there, it really is. God bless you all.

  12. You are not alone Trish and Rolf. We are all praying for you and Rudy. I pray that you might know the hand of the Lord holding yours! and Rudy’s!!
    We love you!

  13. What a difficult day you both have had. I will pray for relief and a good stretch of deep, restful sleep for you both. Sweet dreams. Sydney xo

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