“See you when we see you…”

As the big kids headed off to school this morning, Wilson looked back at me, gave me a wave and said “Bye Mom, we’ll see you when we see you”.  Eventhough everyone was disappointed Rudy didn’t come home with Daddy yesterday and I had to return to Los Angeles, all were agreeable and well-adjusted this morning.  -Good kids.

By the time I got to UCLA, Rudy was breathing room air.  Dr. Andy wants to observe Rudy for 24 hours without oxygen before making plans to discharge him.  As of early this afternoon, the plan was to send Rudy home tomorrow morning after rounds.  Rudy did have a few bouts with low sats throughout the day and then this evening, his sats stayed in the 30s consistently for over 12 minutes!!  He had to be put back on oxygen and is now resting with sats in the low 60s with 30% oxygen.  I’m not quite sure what this means for our plans to discharge tomorrow…I’ll keep you posted and publish an update in the morning with our plan for the day.  It goes without saying that I hope the gang at home sees us sooner rather than later! 🙂

7 thoughts on ““See you when we see you…”

  1. We will be praying for sooner.

    Loved your dressed up photos. I saw ER when the Camp episode aired. I was happy to see HLHS and other heart issues getting some press.

    Hugs and kisses to your little Rudy.

  2. Do you remember the movie “Parenthood?” Steve Martin/Mary Steenbergen – they used that image of a roller coaster to describe the ups and downs of life, especially when you’re dealing with ‘iffy’ situations. Well, this is just about the iffiest one I’ve ever known anything about! May the coaster find a leveling place this night, may the ride even out enough for Rudy to be discharged and the Geyling family to be together once again!


  3. As we know, the entire family lives the roller coaster, but guess kids love rides, it’s just us adults, thinking of all of you, hoping for a good day, Dawn’s Mom

  4. It is so amazing to me how well kids can handle difficult situations sometimes. Even though I don’t know your family personally, I can tell from this blog how loved and well taken care of your kids are. I’m sure it is what makes them feel secure even if the whole family can’t be together. You are doing such an amazing job with Rudy and the rest of your cute clan!
    Hoping Rudy makes it home soon.

  5. Keeping Rudy in prayer.So many changes may Gods grace and love keep you this day. I love you Trish……………

  6. I hope to see you and Rudy sooner rather than later, too. Praying for you all and sending love your way.

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