Not Much To Report…

…Today was truly Rudy’s day o’ rest!  His little body finally stopped kicking long enough to realize it was tired and he slept, slept, slept.  When he was awake, he was quiet and calm.  His little eyes were glazed over and he looked tired but he wasn’t agitated at all.  He did spike another 104 degree fever early this morning which was concerning to the team during the a.m. rounds but thankfully he was  fever-free the rest of today.  So, today the team left him alone, allowed him to rest and continued waiting for the cultures to come back.  One variable that we know for sure is that Rudy has c-diff…a bacteria in the gut that we all have but is normally controlled by other bacteria.  Rudy, however, has been on antibiotics that have killed off the other bacteria so Rudy has been battling a terrible case of loose stools brought on by the c-diff running rampant.  It could also account for the temps, etc. but we need to wait for the cultures to come back to know for sure.  If the cultures come back negative, then they’ll take Rudy off the IV antibiotics and we can begin the vent wean and work toward getting Rudy home again.  If the cultures come back positive, then Rudy will have to stay in the hospital until the full course of IV antibiotics is complete.  We’ll know tomorrow or Saturday. 

In the meantime, we spent some time today inventing toys for Rudy.  Sadly, the MATTEL Children’s Hospital (emphasis on MATTEL) has a shortage of toys.  We needed something to occupy Rudy’s little hands as he was using them to tug at his tummy-IV port and his vent tube.  Nurse Sara came for a visit and made him a syringe rattle and I constructed his “tube handle”.   Both seem to satisfy his need to hold something without the threat of disconnecting anything. 

Rudy's new toys
Rudy's new toys
He’s a funny, little boy with funny, little toys but he’s pretty endearing.  He has driven Dr. Andy a little crazy this week but I think Dr. Andy will agree that you can’t help but love him.  I’ll head home to SB sometime tomorrow and Rolf will take his shift over the weekend.  Hopefully, we’ll be looking at a discharge early next week.  Thank you for your prayers this week…

15 thoughts on “Not Much To Report…

  1. So glad you had a restful day. Our prayers continue and we hope for better news tomorrow too.

    I guess you need to keep a bag of toys in the car with you at all times to keep that little one happy and playing. It is always better to have one and not need it then have to invent one because you do not have it. I do love the stuff you’ve come up with for him.

    Hugs and kisses little one. Sweet dreas.

  2. Trish, can Rudy be given any probiotics to help build the good gut bacteria? Poor little man. It comes in a liquid…
    He looks so sweet with his little hospital toys. You can’t help but want to hug him and squish him.
    I’m praying hard for you two tonight my friend. I can’t imagine how hard it is for you being away from home again.
    All my love to you both!

  3. Oh, Trish, dear one…you sound just exhausted. As I am sure you are. This sweet little boy is such a fighter – I can barely wrap my mind about all that he’s been through. And that means his mom and dad are going through it as well – not the multiple bodily assaults/needle pricks/meds – but the terrible, exhausting anguish of watching your lovely boy go through so many difficult things. You are doing a GREAT JOB. You are loving all the people in your family. You are where you need to be to get Rudy strong enough to go back home. Prayers tonight that the cultures will release you for that journey up the coast and that you will sleep the sleep of the righteous, for that is who you are. Thanks be to God for the grace of hot water, soft beds, loving friends and family, excellent medical care and the power of prayer through the Spirit because of Jesus. I salute your inventiveness in creating something from nothing – which is exactly what our God does on a regular basis. Night time blessings to you…

  4. I will join Oma and others this a.m. at Mass and prayers for Rudy and for your family! Hope today is restful also!

  5. Thankful for rest for little man.Continued prayers for all of you. Love you guys so much.

  6. Trish, Michelle and I discussed the anguish you must feel watching Rudy struggle when he does. We have moments of anguish when our kids get hurt or sick and can’t imagine extending those feeling over such a prolonged time. So thankful that you have a relationship with Our Lord who is able to strengthen and comfort you! Glad to see that peaceful picture of Rudy and to hear of the rest he got yesterday…. hopefully, that brought some degree of relief to you and Rolf as well. I’ll be praying today for a smooth and peaceful stretch on the Rudycoaster and a trip home for all sooner rather than later! Love you all!!

  7. Wow.. I am finally reconnected to your blog and can’t believe the week you have had since I saw you outside Bed, Bath and Beyond. I am so sorry, dear friend. I am back on track reading Rudy’s story… you shared about the 9 year old girl dancing with her sisters and proclaiming, “I LOVE LIVING!” I must concur. And you are living a truly exceptional life in this journey God has you all on… much love, Kenon

  8. Wow, what a story you have. Rudy is so adorable! Joshua has done really well since his Glenn & I am amazed on a daily basis at how normal our lives are now. Never would have guessed we’d be able to say that a year ago.
    What an amazing family you have!

  9. Praying for you, Rudy, and your family! I know you want to be home as much as they all want you there, too. May you heal quickly from this bug! Lots of love to all!

  10. Praying as always every day for each of you. Hang in there;Rudy certainly does. Love, Jane and Joe

  11. Hi Rolf – glad to connect today at RoCo. Wanted you to know I was checking in. You’ve been officially loaded onto my RSS feed, so I’ll be a regular reader. Blessings on your family – hope to see you or talk again soon.

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