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Our recent slideshows have been a topic of discussion with the nurses over the weekend and several weren’t aware of their existence.  I think they are now as I subsequently heard familiar music playing and then had to deal with weepy nurses.  So they don’t get buried under the subsequent posts, I’ve put a thumbnail in the right column that will take you right to Greg’s page.  They get even better on the 4th and 5th viewing!

2 thoughts on “Slideshow Thumbnail

  1. Thanks for the shortcut to the slideshow. I will never tire of reliving that incredible day through Greg’s eyes! Blessings to everyone!

  2. Hi it was great meeting both of you at the Gala Saturday and we are super happy the little big guy is healthier every day and will be at the camp at the appropriate time. I was not kidding as we did follow the posts daily pulling for Rudy. Brians parents

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