A series of unrelated events

Sorry for the gap in posts.  A big reason for the delay was a very memorable Saturday evening which will get a post of it’s own shortly. 
Here’s the latest on Rudy, who is doing much better, but is continuing his trait of confounding medical personnel.  The team was waiting for cultures to come back on Saturday morning and none of those returned anything that would necessitate a course of IV antibiotics (which would keep us in the hospital).  One culture showed Clostridium difficile (c.diff) in his GI tract, but that’s a relatively minor bacteria that can be treated with oral antibiotics.  The diarrhea that is one of the key symptoms is running its course and he’s been very peaceful.  At the peak of his distress the team needed to put him on the vent, but they took him off yesterday.  This morning the plan was to observe him one more day and send us off tomorrow.  This afternoon a few wrinkles may have surfaced as his sats seem low, even though he doesn’t show any signs of accompanying distress (high heart rate, rapid breathing, bluish skin).  Dr. Robert did notice that his hemacrit level was a bit elevated on his labs when he came into the hospital, which may be a sign that the sats have been low for some time and the body worked to create more red blood cells to carry more oxygen.  Of course, the other issue that’s been discussed is whether we’re closer to the Glenn than was originally thought.  So, that will be the discussion today and tomorrow.  Right now, Rudy is resting and his sats are back in the 60s on just 28% oxygen, which everyone is happy with–we’ll keep watching and decide whether it’ll be OK for us to go home and whether we should have some 02 on hand at home.
The one thing that is consistent in all of this is Rudy’s ability to confound.  He was brought into the hospital because he was bleeding from his trach.  While that could be extremely severe, it turned out to be benign and completely unrelated to the evidence of infection that got him admitted.  The suspected infection turned out to be less severe, but now his blood oxygen levels–something totally unrelated to the infection–are of primary concern to the team as far as sending him home.  We shouldn’t e surprised.  Rudy likes to do things his own way–hope he gets to do it at home soon.
Calm, peaceful, and ready for home!
Calm, peaceful, and ready for home!(?)

7 thoughts on “A series of unrelated events

  1. when my daughter returned from her scouting trip, we watched Nick’s baseball game…yes he is small for 10yr. and not nearly as strong as most of the other boys….but he wants to do it, so with chest protector and a few extra prayers, he plays. As my daughter laughed at my last spelling errors, yes it can be funny; and she laughed saying I better stop writing, she know me better….NO WAY….yes , I continue with all the periods, as I told her “I write like I talk”. Thankfully you had time to post, since we have been worried, prayers for all of you, hoping Rudy gets back home soon. He looks great, but not happy with what is going on..love those eyes, tell it all. Nick’s Grandma

  2. Well, looks like the Rudy-coaster is at it again and I pray that you get all those loop-de-loops sorted out and are able to go home SOON! Lots of prayers for all of you!!

  3. Hey Rudy, hope you are well enough to go home soon. We are always praying for you and your family.
    Hugs and kisses.

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