Not so fast…

Rudy was scheduled to have a follow-up visit at UCLA today, so Trish loaded him and his gear up into the car and made the drive from SB.  Everything checked out fine with the NICU clinic appointment and with the ENT doc who need to check the tracheostomy, leaving Trish plenty of time for a visit with our ICU friends.  After a bite to eat she was loading Rudy into the car when she noticed him bleeding from his trach.

Thankfully she noticed it then and not some point later on the freeway–it was unsettling enough as it is.  She hustled Rudy over to the ER and they’ve been there for the last five hours.  She’s keeping me informed as she’s able–the bleeding stopped on its own shortly after they got there, but the ER team checked Rudy over and got concerned about his O2 sats.  The cardiology team has been brought in and they’ve been checking him over and are contemplating whether he should be admitted.  Right now, we’re waiting for an echo and an initial set of lab results.  Certainly a surprise–we are wondering if Rudy sensed where he was, felt he wasn’t getting his requisite share attention, and decided to pull a trick.  In any case, if it had to happen, we’re glad it happened here where doctors who know him well were close at hand and quickly consulted.  It’s coming up on 9pm and we’re here in SB awaiting word from Trish on what the plan will be.

Once again a reminder of what life is like on “Planet Rudy”.  Updates when we have them.  Please pray with us.

6 thoughts on “Not so fast…

  1. How blessed to be in the “right place at the right time” God knows what He is doing, praying for Rudy and Trish to be home soon

  2. Thank god it happened while Trish was there. Rudy probally just wants to say Hi to all of his friends down there….LOL!!!! Love you.

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