Holding on for the loops on the Rudycoaster

Just got a concerned e-mail in response to my last post from a friend who expressed simpathy for this latest “twist on the Rudycoaster”.  Thanks, Kim–that term sticks.  Being Rudy’s dad is a thrill and we’ve learned to be joyful over the commonplace things–probably because they happen amidst a backdrop of twists, loops and turns that suck the breath out of your lungs.

Two hours later and I’ve been sitting here in SB trying not to dial the phone but wait until Trish calls.  Trying to occupy myself with books, TV, web–none of which are doing the trick, but I sure am glad there’s ice cream in the house as that does seem to be filling some need right now.

Trish called just before 11pm and reported that the hospital team has been confounded in trying to draw enough blood for the labs they need–folks from the PICU have even come down to try and find a vein.  In the midst of this, Rudy is on oxygen, but his sats are still too low.  No one is particularly concerned about the blood from the trach anymore–the chest Xray is clear and the airway is not obstructed or damaged.  They got enough blood for one test at the lab and perhaps that result will give them enough of an idea about whether they need to work on getting more.

Our friend Kathy has gone to UCLA to sit with Trish.  Probably a couple more hours until we hear anything so I’ll doze with the phone nearby.

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