Super-size Stitches

He has some cool Frankenstien-size stitches now...
He has some cool Frankenstien-size stitches now...
The surgical team came by early this morning to remove Rudy’s dressing for the first time since his early morning trip to the OR on Tuesday.  The wound looks much better and there isn’t any sign of fluid leaking from it which is good.  It’s just now he has these long stitches reinforced with rubber catheter tubing that make for a great conversation piece when folks drop by for a visit.  CT Nurse Sara stopped in this morning and was quite impressed with his extra-long zipper extending from the top of his chest to down below his belly.  As we were counting the number of scars his has on various parts of his body, I envisioned Rolf and I getting a call from Principal Santiago at the elementary school informing us that she had to call Rudy into her office to explain that it just isn’t appropriate to show off his scars to the kids on the playground…no matter how impressive they may be! 
Rudy had a hard night last night as his numbers went all over the map…high heart rate (200+ even when he was asleep) and low sats which he hasn’t experienced for a few weeks!  It was unsettling to me but he settled down today with higher doses of methadone.  We’ll have to wean him off the meds again but, at this point, it’s best to let him rest comfortably.  The pediatric team rounded this morning and the cardiac team rounded this afternoon…no specific plan-of-action has been proposed but everyone is in agreement that his wound needs to heal and that we need to see the fluid stop before we can move forward.  The fluid output increased a little bit today compared to yesterday’s totals but that isn’t of great concern to the team. 
It does seem to me that it’s taking Rudy longer to bounce back after this last surgical procedure…it has been a long week of waiting for him to stabilize and “wake up” but I have to keep reminding myself that, in general,  he looks stronger than he did a month ago so he has made progress!  Baby steps…baby steps…one day at a time!!!

10 thoughts on “Super-size Stitches

  1. Luke just walked by and said, “Wow! he’s looking better!” Despite the setback the little guy is looking handsome and strong…good tone and oh so cute! Keep you chin up, Squish!

  2. zipper is just the word we use with our Nick, plus we have another grandchild with a zipper, then when we are all at the pool, one of the twins will be upset when he doesn’t have a zipper to compare, then on the other hand, we are blessed with my Dad{89 yr. old Great Grandpa} who compares his zipper…….o well…..hope we gave you a smile today……you need it……..prayers, Dawn’s Mom

  3. Much love to you and your little super trooper. He as oversome so much already, in his short 22 weeks, and I an only be reassured that his strength and God’s watch over him will keep him strong, and full of energy to fight all this!
    I’m praying that by this summer, he will be home with his sibling, crawling all over the house, and getting into all sorts of trouble toddlers et into 🙂
    I’m praying that normalcy returns to your household, and that this time of testing is almost over with. We love you guys so much, and pray for your baby… he is just so special and sweet !
    Faith and Richard Groves

  4. Right here praying with you.Gods hedge of protection and angels all around Rudy. Love you……..praying for your strength in this.

  5. I think Rudy has seen, “Finding Nemo”! He just keeps swimming. What do we do, “We keep swimming, swimming, swimming! God’s translation,” Keeping the faith and continue standing in faith”. What a tough little guy. Rudy you are so handsome! I can’t wait to meet you someday. Maybe my grandsons can play with you someday. Shall we make that a date too? All of us cousins need to get together and play! I have a feeling they would think your scars are cool! You will need the tell the other boys at school someday, “You ought to see the other guy”! They will think you are so tough, they won’t mess with ya. Love, Cousin Dianna

  6. I will be praying for you while on retreat this weekend, but I won’t be able to see your sweet face so hang in there and I will see you again Sunday. Hugs and kisses.

  7. One day a time! He is doing so well! Just remember every little bump is one under the belt and your that much closer to home. Everything is going good. He is such a strong little guy! I am so proud of all of you! Rudy is my hero!! I wish I was closer so I could visit, just know I am thinking of you all everyday and sending all my love! you guys rock!! Go Rudy Go!!!

  8. Hey Trish and Rolf,
    Just want you to know we are still here praying with you! Thanks for letting us be part of this journey with you in this way. Glad God is bigger than the distance between us. We marvel at the complexity of the life God havs given all of us. Little Rudy is a great reminder of how amazing God’s creation is!! He is such a dear, cute little guy! We are glad to keep up with you and be praying through this “adventure”. May God bless and keep you all in His peace!! And may Rudy have many opps to show off his zipper and amaze his friends, an awesome reminder of God’s care!

    Much love, Marjorie for us 5

  9. Throw in a couple of piercings, a leather jacket, a motorcycle and that spiked hair and no one will mess with you. With everything you’ve put your mother through already, she’ll be able to handle it! We keep praying for you little man!

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