Breathing Easier

The view from Lizard's Mouth
The view from Lizard's Mouth

Wow, today was one of those rare days when the bulk of our family was together in Santa Barbara doing those normal “pre-Rudy” activities.  Rolf took advantage of being home on a Saturday morning and took his kayak out for a little ocean excursion; the kids played nicely together as they experimented with mentos mints and Coca-Cola over at Lake Los Carneros and then headed home to jump on the trampoline; I caught up on some “house business” and began preparing for Max’s big birthday bash tomorrow (he turns 10 on March 10th!); Rolf took the kids to “Lizard’s Mouth” – a nearby hiking area with fun boulders to scramble up and caves to climb in AND Max had a basketball game which our dear friend, Lisa, took him to while the rest of us attended the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission Recovery Program Graduation…always an amazing event that touches us deeply.  Phew, it was a very full day and while we scurried around to all the various activities, little Rudy worked hard on his breathing.  He sprinted with the trach collar for a couple of hours this morning, took a 2 hour rest back on the vent and has been back on the trach collar since 2pm this afternoon.  We’re keeping close tabs on him because this has happened before when he did great out of the gate but tired after a couple of days.  At this point, since we’re stuck waiting for the fluid to stop anyway, we’d be in favor of starting him slow on the ventilator wean.  Speaking of lymphatic fluid, his output is less today so we hope this means the it will stop completely very soon.  We look forward to celebrating Maxi tomorrow afternoon at “Golf ‘n Stuff” and Rolf will head down to be with Rudy after the party.  We’ll be able to give you a more detailed update on Rudy’s condition then.  It sure was hard to leave Rudy yesterday knowing he’d be “alone” for a couple of days, but we are so grateful for the PICU team taking such great care of him and the CTICU team of friends who drop in on Rudy often to let him know he’s not alone!  Bless them all…and you for your continued support from all corners of the world!

10 thoughts on “Breathing Easier

  1. Well, thanks be to God. I must admit this strange urge to check in on your blog and a sort of gnawing uneasiness when there is no update – the perils of the technological age! A busy, but lovely day of ‘normalcy,’ what a gift. May the fluid continue to diminish, may the weans continue to improve, may Max have a beautiful day tomorrow and may you all enjoy each other for a few more hours. Many blessings!

  2. Thanks for the great picture of the big kids, got to go the lizard mountain next time.
    Glad Rudy had a good day too and is “exercising his lungs. Hugs Oma and Opa

  3. I, also wondered and worried yesterday when there was no update, almost afraid to log on today……..but I guess that is how HLHS familes live………peace be with you all today, Nick’s Grandma

  4. On our way to church where so many will be asking about Rudy and your family……glad to know you are having some family time in the Santa Barbara area. God Bless and keep all of you safe. Congratulate the graduates for us.

  5. Oma was a BIG help with the groundbreaking reception for our new church–about 450 people! I am glad she was there as backup and support. She works quietly and efficiently. Thanks for sending her back in time for our big event–although I know her heart and thoughts are with all of you in California. More prayers coming your way!

  6. Just want you to know we ae checking in on Rudy and you all….from our little corner of the world. WE LOVE YOU!!

    PS – Happy Birthday Max!

  7. Hi Trish and Rolf, I’m glad you had a good weekend. I worked thurs, fri, and today. popped in on rudy 3-4 times and each time he was sleeping peacfully although I looked forward to talking to him and playing with him. his belly incision looked really good- No drainge. He’s a trooper!

  8. Happy Birthday to you Max!!! Wow! The big ’10’! Enjoy every moment and God bless you for being so strong in every way!

    The picture is so beautiful and I’m glad that each of these moments are ones to treasure. Rudy is never alone! Even with the great PICU and CTICU team, he has the best physician and comforter around 24/7/365, JESUS!!

    Love and blessings always!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX. I heard you sing at Christmas time at La Patera school. You have the beat!

    Our family also loves jumping rocks and enjoying the great view from Lizard’s Mouth. It will be great for you to share that fun with Rudy someday.

    Katie’s Nana

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