Happy 22-Week Birthday!

This is what Rudy did all day at 22 weeks!
This is what Rudy did all day at 22 weeks!

 Our little man had a sleepy day…just what the doctor ordered.  With the help of pretty regular doses of meds, Rudy rested all day long.  He even slept through a visit from Daddy!  Rolf arrived at the hospital around 10:30am to see me and Rudy and check in with doctors.  We didn’t do much…in fact, we pretty much sat quietly in Rudy’s room and dozed off a bit but we didn’t have to “do” anything.  It was just great to be together and reassuring for both of us. 

Eskimo kiss from Daddy
Eskimo kiss from Daddy

 It was important for Rudy to continue to rest today.  Dr. Judith (this week’s attending) wanted all of Rudy’s energy to go toward the healing of his stomach wound so everything else was put on hold…no vent weaning, no feeds, etc…  They’ll, most likely, give him one more day of rest before starting the wean again.  It’s definitely a balancing act because giving him time to rest is crucial right now but we also don’t want him to rest too long on the vent and lose significant ground on the weaning process.  The GI team is recommending Rudy not be fed through his g-tube for approximately 2 weeks.  This will hopefully give the lymphatic system time to heal and strengthen…after the 2-week break, Rudy will be fed a special formula with virtually no fat for about 6 weeks.  If that goes well, then my milk can be introduced again.  So, we’ve definitely hit a speed bump with the recurrance of this chylous fluid but everyone feels this won’t be as complicated as the chylothorax issue.  We certainly pray this is true.  It’s unclear how long this will delay our homecoming but we knew better than to get too attached to a specific timeline anyway.  The waiting game continues.  For now, I’m praying the fluid draining from his stomach cavity continues to decrease and that tomorrow he will have times of being awake and alert but comfortable at the same time.  Thank you for your continued prayers for patience and healing!!!  Rudy sure is getting quite a reputation as a trouble-maker…charming, no doubt, but a trouble-maker nonetheless.  I keep telling Rudy to get it all out of his system during this hospital stay because I expect life at home to be calm and uneventful!  Ha Ha

10 thoughts on “Happy 22-Week Birthday!

  1. Trish, I prayed this morning that Rolf could be with you today-he was! Rudy looks so peaceful and beautiful. Hugs, more prayers. Donna

  2. We heard Daddy was there from Auntie Lisa and hoped that was a good visit. We love you so very much and wish we could be giving eskimo kisses in person!

  3. Love and prayers that Rudy has a restful day so he can heal and I continue to pray that the fluid decreases. Rudy us such a little ” gem ” – strong, beautiful and such a fighter.
    Stephanie M.

  4. hope all can get some much needed rest……..I’m pretty sure LIFE will never be uneventful for you and Rudy……..but we know how much we cherish life…….some people do not know how to cherish it……..prayers for a good day for all……Nick’s Grandma

  5. The roller coaster of emotions are indeed rough. I am so grateful you both have the Lord to draw your strength from. I can’t imagine going through this experience without the Lord. Faith and hope are such BIG words. Having them in your daily walk is God sent. Mercies are indeed new every morning Trish and God continues to bless you with these new mercies. You both are such witnesses for Christ and you both continue to bless me. You actually are building my faith as I read your daily message. Sharing your story with us is so precious, you have no idea. I continue to pray for your family and my cuz Joan daily. These are rough times and we all need each other. God is so good to have friends and family that love you all so much. Rest in the Lord for He loves you all. Love, Cousin Dianna

  6. Many prayers are said on a daily basis for your little fella. Your updates are so inspiring – you all have much faith. Blessings Janet Schafer, Chesapeake, Va.

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