Good Morning

Yesterday was so lazy that I forgot to post an update so here’s an early morning recap for you…

Rudy is doing really well post-op…he continued to get some pain meds yesterday and had one pretty fussy spell in the a.m. but was awake most of the afternoon – alert and calm.  So nice to see!!!!  Everything was cancelled yesterday…no OT, PT or RTs.  The pediatric surgical team came in to check Rudy’s in incision and dressings.  The only real action for Rudy yesterday was various nurse friends stopping in to say “hi” and the constant (mind ripping out) chime of the vent because of Rudy’s trach leak.  I think we first mentioned this a couple of weeks ago so keep in mind this has been going on FOR A COUPLE OF WEEKS.  With all the amazing, miraculous things they do in this unit, being able to adjust the vent to accomodate the trach leak isn’t one of them!!  Ha Ha

So, today the plan is to start taking baby steps…they’ve come down a little on Rudy’s oxygen support and will attempt short sessions off the vent today.  He’ll get a little exercise today and I’ll get to hold him a bit before I head home to SB for the weekend.  They’ve already begun administering some meds through the g-tube and will begin feeds through it tomorrow!!!!  Of course, they will start VERY slowly but  it will be great to get started.  Rolf and Max will be here over the weekend to cheer Rudy on in the feeding game along with the staff so he’ll have great support!!!  I’ll share more later…Nurse Jennifer just brought me a beautiful, homemade birthday cake!!!  It’s time for a little “birthday cake” breakfast  🙂

17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Happy Birthday to you, Trish! So glad you have such a special guest to share your party with . . . precious Rudy! Love you!

  2. Wow! Happy Birthday! Id sing to you but its not very pretty. Im glad you will be home for your bday. Rudy is truly amazing taking all of this so gracefully. I love that he is such a roll with the punches kinda guy. He keeps it real for all of us. He is truly an angel reminding us not to sweat the small stuff. Happy bday to him too!! Love you all! xoxo Go Rudy Go!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Cuz! I hope you have a wonderful day. I’m going to look forward to next year at this time and believe the setting will be at your home with your family celebrating with you. I think Rudy will help you blow out your candles!!! ha! Love, Dianna

  4. Rudy, make sure you give your momma a special birthday smile today, OK? You have no idea what a precious mummy you have!


    We hope you have a good Birthday!
    Rudy remains in our prayers as does the entire family.
    Love to you!

  6. Happy Birthday, dearest Trish! As I am heading home I cheer you on little Rudy, precious one, get strong and gobble up those feeds and show them what you are made off.
    I will keep tabs on you from Texas and Pray!!!

  7. sometimes it is so easy to forget there are others around a HLHS young one…..we have found there are support groups; not only for parents, but also sibblings…..we look and need all the support out there…….Bless you all, have a good day….Diana, HLHS Grandma

  8. Head’s up “blog world”! Our daughter is unbelievably sweet, talented and awesome………and she has great discernment in choosing a spouse…….and they have stunningly beautiful children………and Garrison Keilor has nothing on us! Rudy, I have posted this so you can read it some day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRISH….we are so blessed to have you as our daughter.

  9. The resemblance between the first pic and Wilson is uncanny!! Hope you have had a wonderful day and we love you.

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