Happy 21-Week Birthday

One last "tube in the face" picture
One last "tube in the face" picture
Post Op
Post Op
Post Op Nap...
Post Op Nap...
His body may look war-torn but his face is perfect!!! Happy 21-weeks little man...
His body may look war-torn but his face is perfect!!! Happy 21-weeks little man...
I think these pics sum up our day pretty well…Rudy remains sleepy and calm with the help of some pretty heavy doses of pain meds.  He woke up a few times for a quick photo op here and there, would wiggle and squirm uncomfortably for a few minutes and then fall back to sleep.  The team has been quite attentive checking in on him regularly.  Everyone from Dr. Brian to Dr. Rick to the GI specialists to the peds surgeons have all warned us that the introduction to feeds will be veeeerrrrrryyyyy slow.  The process may require a couple of starts and stops and then starts again…it may require going up even more on the vent support before it can be dialed back down, etc.  I appreciate the warning and the reminder that such “hiccups” shouldn’t be seen as setbacks but as part of the process.  It’s a relief to have this surgery behind us making this next phase of waiting a little easier for now.  Once again, Rudy has proven himself a tough nut to crack!!!  Thank you for covering him in prayer today…and eveyday!

15 thoughts on “Happy 21-Week Birthday

  1. I just love looking at pictures of you handsome little man. Rudy, one of these days I hope to meet you. I must tell you the story of how God has held your precious Mommy and Daddy up through your journey and how much you are loved by so many. You are a very special young man…It’s a wonderful story. So….it’s a date! As always God is watching over you and your wonderful family. Love, Cousin Dianna

  2. Great to hear everything went as expected! Those eyes! He’s starting to look like his brothers and sister, even to us on the opposite coast!

    Continued prayers

  3. ohhhh he is a cutie! post op never looked so good. how does he do it? now let’s see if his tummy can keep up with his hair.
    Rudy you are a champ. a wonder, a joy and a champ. sleep well little man.

  4. His coloring looks good, his eyes seem to be questioning “what next, home?”, prayers for a good day, Diana, HLHS grandma

  5. Precious boy!

    Rest little guy and in a few years, this all won’t even be a memory (for you, at least!)

    Trish, praying that you will rest too over the next day or two! Happy Birthday a day early!!

    PS – I can remember when you were in diapers — cloth, no less!! Glad those days are only a memory!!

  6. One of my grandsons has had a g tube for the past two years. It has honestly been a wonderful experience for the entire family. His 60 year old grandmother can feed him like a champ during our visits!

    Thanks for your daily posts. The entire Fuller regional campus team is following the sweet boy’s progress. We pray for all of you each time we’re together.

  7. You’re a champ Rudy… we LOVE YOU!!
    and send you and your mom and dad and sibs big hugs.
    Aunt Andi

  8. Rudy, you are the cutest! Maybe you can have some birthday cake for Mommy through that tube tomorrow. Hello everyone: it is Trish’s bday on Friday the 27th. Let’s bless her with prayers and love! Love to you all!

  9. Happy Birthday to you, Trish! With love to you and your whole family, and with many prayers for Rudy,
    Lisa Lamb, with Rich, Mark and Becca praying too…

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