A Birthday Makeover!!!!

While it’s not the celebration we envisioned (but then neither have most holidays of late), our family sure is excited about Trish’s birthday.  As Trish does a pretty good job keeping vanity at bay, she didn’t let on that one of the highlights this week was a birthday makeover.  There’s a kind organization that comes into the hospital to take portraits of kids and their mommies, so Trish got to join in the fun!  The final result is stunning!


She told me that our plans for the weekend have changed.  Tonight she wants to sit on her bed, eat Pop Rocks and gaze longingly at her Karate Kid poster while listening to Sheena Easton 8 tracks.  She’ll need to get some rest because she was a troublemaker and has to spend all Saturday in the school library with Emilio, Molly, Ally, Judd and Anthony so that they can achieve teenage enlightenment and discover that they, as middle class suburban white kids, are remarkably all the same (who would have guessed?)

OK, that wasn’t the picture.  Here’s the one from this week’s makeover:


About three times the years, but ten times the HOT!  My birthday princess is looking fine!

While I’m posting and boasting, Wilson had a great week as well representing La Patera Elementary at the County Spelling Bee.  His goal was to make it past the first round as he missed the cut last year, and he was successful.  About 150 started and he finished somewhere among the final 20.  As we didn’t have a lot of time to study, our strategy included preparation in some of the terms that have become part of our family vernacular but would likely elude the common elementary speller.  Unfortunately the gambit failed as “hypoplastic”, “cardiothoracic”, “pleurodesis”, and “fundoplication” were not on the word list.  Too bad, Wilson was going to nail those!


11 thoughts on “A Birthday Makeover!!!!

  1. YEah, baby. Sweet female mullett Trish! I had a similar hairdo back in the 80’s myself, but I was more of a Van Halen chick. Sheena Easton…yikes! I must say for a former beauty queen you are pretty humble. Miss Marion County (?) was just one of your many titles and from what I hear and you were always a favorite in the Olivia Newton John bathing suit contest. Rolf is showing us a film clip later on at lunch in the SBRM dining room of one of your pageants. This is gonna be sweet; hopefully the men will be respectful and won’t hoot and holler too much! 🙂

  2. Wow! Great photo, what year was that??? I so see you in the breakfast club. Love the new photo and great job on the BEE wilson.

  3. Trish, gorgeous then and gorgeous now! I know you are just as gorgeous inside too. Wow, us Fink’s and Treu’s are “hotties”, if I do say so myself. Let’s hear it for Sadie and Meta! Congrats Wilson on your spelling certificate! Way to go dude! (Do they say dude anymore? I’m probably dating myself horriibly.) God loves you all. Love, Cousin Dianna

  4. I’m left a little speechless, but give me a while and I’ll come up with something. In the meantime….enjoy all the adulation Trish!

    Wilson, WAY TO GO!!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday from the East Coast! And great job on that spelling bee! I’ve attended a couple of those…it’s not easy task to make it to the top 20!! So happy to hear good news on Rudy as well as the rest of the gang…

    Continued prayers from CT

  6. What a lovely post – filled with joy and hope and blessing. May you have many more days like this one! And that 12 year old (13 maybe??) is not quite as lovely as the birthday girl is today, but she is cute! Have a lovely weekend – each and every one of you.

  7. Trish,

    Congratulations on your amazingly great post-op birthday gift! You both look just grand. You are in our thoughts and prayers each and every day.

    Cathy and Larry

  8. Love seeing the Breakfast Club photo of Trish… what a cutie pie! But as cute as you were then you are even cuter now! Happy Birthday Dear Trish… you certainly deserve to have a GREAT day!
    Much love, Lisa, Paul, George and Nick

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