The Call to Surgery

I woke up in a daze and haven’t talked to anyone in charge yet but the night nurse said Rudy was scheduled for 8:30 am and would transport to the OR at 8am!!  He should be leaving in just a few minutes!  I’m confident Rudy will be safe through surgery but there is a pretty heavy cloud of doubt hanging over my heart this morning that the “fix” to his stomach will actually get him past the feeding challenges…my doubt isn’t based on anything specific other than past disappointments probably… 

Years ago, Rolf and I attended this little storefront church in South Central L.A. where the African American pastor would preach his entire sermon in English and then AGAIN in Spanish!  It made for a long church service but he was so amazing and I remember one service where he repeated “nunca dura” (not sure if I’m remembering my Spanish correctly but you get the point) over and over again.  “No (never, none) doubt”…”No doubt”…he passionately proclaimed.  Funny how, 15 years later, this simple message from an inner city storefront preacher comes to mind as a helpful reminder – God is in control no matter the outcome. 

I’ll let you know when he is back to the room and settled!  Thank you for your loving prayers…

14 thoughts on “The Call to Surgery

  1. I logged in this page exactly at 11:30 f or the second time today !
    I was so hoping he will get the surgery, and he is !
    Praying hard for your little “rock” star 🙂
    Love !

  2. It’s just past 8:30 and I’m praying for you, for this day and for the next few days that follow. Praying that Rudy’s digestion improves and that he can go home soon!!

  3. It is 8:42am praying for a successful surgery and recovery. Hang in there little one & Trish too!
    Hugs and kisses.

  4. Praying for a successful surgery that will help Rudy move past this challenge. Praying for you and your family also.

  5. “Nunca dura”- very cool reminder! “This is the victory that overcomes the world- our faith.”

    We’re praying for a succesful surgery and for a soon homecoming!

    Love you!

  6. No doubt that I am praying for you all , Rudy and the Doctors. Thank you for keeping us all posted.

    I love Rudy’s punk rock hair sytle! 🙂

  7. I left you a message on your phone this morning Trish before seeing these last two entries in the blog…we are praying that things are going (or went?) well in his surgery. LOVE his rock-star “doo”..
    Funny thing, doubt in Spanish is dudar with a ‘d’, but when I read “nunca dura”, it made sense to me b/c durar means “to last, or endure”…like these trials WILL NOT LAST!!!!!! There will be normal days ahead! Your family WILL all be together again for a long, long time…my main prayer for you guys!

  8. Look around, Trish. We’re there with you… maybe not in body but in spirit and in prayer. Hundreds are standing with you this hour holding you and Rudy, Rolf, sibs and grandparents…and the doctors before our loving God asking His blessings on one and all. Those halls and the lobby are big there but we still cannot all fit in. Love to all of you from your surrounding crowd.

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