He’s Back…again!

The precious one is back safe from the OR.  The pediatric surgical team member who accompanied Rudy back from surgery said he did great…was well-behaved (apparently Rudy has quite the reputation for being a trouble-maker) and the procedures went as planned.  He has a bandaged incision going from the bottom of his open heart scar down to right above his belly button…so at least it’s all very neat and linear!  🙂  The feeding tube was placed  just to the left of his scar and extends out about 8 inches.  Right now, of course, he is knocked out (dreaming about something) and resting.  We’ll have to wait a day or two to start the feeds into his stomach through the g tube so although the surgery went well, we won’t know for sure if all the plumbing will work properly for a few days.  He’s back to having no tubes in his nose…no tubes in his mouth…and looking very handsome!  I’ll post pics later today!!!  God is good…all the time.  Love to you all from Rudy’s room.

17 thoughts on “He’s Back…again!

  1. Yes God is good, all the time! So happy to hear the surgery went well. Now , Mr. Rudy you get strong so you can go home to spend time with your beautiful family. Just wait until they all sing for you! AND, you have a date with a very special elevator ride! You are going to love that!!! Yahoo! Love, Cousin Dianna

  2. Blessed the Lord, precious one now we ask Him to heal you fast and may this be a REAL upturn.
    Special hugs for you and your Mommy and Dad Oma

  3. Yeah! Great news. Can’t wait to see the photos. Has a reputation for being a trouble maker, eh? Sounds more and more like his father every day, right Trish? 🙂 Thank you for the quick update. love, Kelly

  4. Trish,
    Oh, that is wonderful news!! Yes! God is great. As today’s devotional read: May God’s love guide you (all of your family!) through the special plans He has for your life. My mom and I were talking last night and we both said that Rudy is going to have an incredible testimony!!! As for dreaming, well, he’s probably dreaming of going home, eating, sleeping, and, did I mention eating (smile!)?

    Lots of love, a great recovery for Rudy and continued peace for all of you!!!


  5. Yay, Rudy. Here’s hoping for great healing and rest and more yawns! Praying for you and your Mommy and everyone else!

  6. Yea so glad to hear that he is doing well. God is good all the time. Hope to see him this weekend. Love you bunches and god bless………….

  7. Such a tough little guy! Thank you, Lord, for answers to our prayers. Please provide solid evidence very soon (VERY SOON) that this procedure will mark the turning point toward going home! Grab a nap, Trish – you have earned it.

  8. hopefully you’ll have time to fall apart tonight , surgery day is very draining…..prayers for a peacful night……….Diana, HLHS grandma

  9. Good job Handsome! And good job, Mama…I know it can’t be easy waiting around while your little one’s in surgery. But you didn’t “dudar”! Yes, He IS good all the time! Thanks for letting Him be your strength in these difficult times and encouraging all the rest of us

  10. Wow! I got a little taste of what you all are going through today…iover the past week or so I’d gotten a little complacent checking Rudy’s Beat (checking only once a day) and BAM! he’s off to surgery and back before I knew it! That’ll teach me to let too much time pass between blog checks!

    Glad to hear all went well with the gastro-surgery! We’ll be praying that the feeding tube will do the trick and that proper digestive function will commence!

    Love you all!!!

  11. Well done young Rudy and Mama. I guess this is where God teaches us patience in baby steps. All those steps lead to home.

    With love,
    Katie’s Nana

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