“Rock”-a-bye Baby…

Big brothers Wilson and Max may have the "rock star" moves but Rudy has the look!
Big brothers Wilson and Max may have the "rock star" moves but Rudy has the look!

Rudy started out the day agitated, feverish and breathing hard but he ended up sleeping a good bit of the afternoon in my lap so the day of rest and cuddles I had hoped for ended up coming to pass.  There really isn’t much to report…Rudy made another attempt off the vent and on the trach collar this afternoon but only tolerated it for about 15 minutes.  It’s a bit discouraging to have to make up ground in the weaning process again but I shouldn’t be surprised.  It seems that for every day the next surgery is delayed we lose a few days.  My prayer tonight is that his surgery WILL happen tomorrow, will be successful and will allow Rudy to fly through the next milestone of feeding and digesting!!!  It’s starting to feel critical that we get him home and settled before his next open heart surgery which is why impatience is starting to set in, I think.  Oh, may I continue to trust in God’s timing and may Rudy’s body continue to heal!!!  Bless you friends…

15 thoughts on ““Rock”-a-bye Baby…

  1. you guys will have some explaining to do when Rudy is older and sorting back through these pictures. 🙂 mini-spikes and all he is still sweet and precious.

  2. Trish, when is the Glenn (sp?) scheduled for? I’m just wondering what the milestones are ahead of Rudy…praying in advance….
    I still want to come visit again, but we’ve been sick again. That’s all I ever say!
    Rudy’s hair is awesome, just like a Geyling! Love you FRIEND!

  3. D-e-e-p breath. In…and now out… “Lord, have mercy,” as you breathe in; “Lord, have mercy,” as you breathe out…”

    May the peace of God flood you, body and soul, as you head off to rest tonight. May God’s perfect timing prevail for your sweet, rock-star baby boy. May you know, to the very marrow of your bones, that Rudy is safe, that you are safe, that God is, even in these frustrating delays and never-ending complications, STILL GOD and that you are never – not for one milli-second – alone on this journey.

    Loving Savior, be near to dear Trish this night and through the long, uncertain day tomorrow, and bring about what is best for this brave boy she loves so very much. Such a gift he has been to so many in his life thus far! Thank you for him, thank you for his parents, thank you for the wide circle of friends and family whose lives have been forever changed because of this remarkable journey of faith and commitment. Remind his parents – in deeply personal ways that they will see and know – that you are present, that you are loving, that you are good — and that you love Rudy even more than they do —- hard as that is for any of us earthlings to understand and internalize.

    “The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face to shine on you and be gracious unto you; the Lord lift up his countenance on you and give you peace.” Amen. Yes. Yes. Yes.

  4. Hoping that Rudy is able to get into surgery today. I’m sure the waiting and waiting can really begin to wear you thin. I am praying for a smooth operation and a quick recovery so that you can bring your little man home. As scary and as uncertain things can be about bringing Rudy home, you will be amazed at how much being home will do for all of you! I remember being terrified of bringing our son home for the first time after being so dependent upon the nurses and doctors. It felt so safe to be at the hospital. We managed and our son flourished with the change of scenery. I am wishing that for your family too!
    Prayers from CT,
    Amy Fiorillo

  5. All my prayers going out to you today! Waiting is never fun or easy…just something we always have to do…you can do it and so can Rudy! Anxious to come home from work and hear some good news!

  6. He sure is a precious little rock-star ! I pray that this surgery will happen today, and that the road to recovery and coming home has already begun !
    Sleep tight, little rock star 🙂
    Faith and Richard

  7. For some reason beyond our ability to know, all of this continues to happen…………but God is faithful and will enable you to bear it precious Trish and sweet Rudy! Oh how I wish I could “fix it”!

    Hang in there…….Mama and Dad

  8. I wish I understood the meaning of all of this that is going on with Rudy. There has to be some understanding. I wish Mom and I could help you and the family. But all we can do is pray like hundreds of other people that love you, Rudy and the family. We thank God each you are able to cuddle with Rudy. God Bless. Love, Dad

  9. We can understand the temptation to be anxious, but we know that God is with you…and he will give you amazing peace in this very trying situation. May this peace surround all of you today, as you wait, wait, wait…you are so very loved! And we are all with you in spirit in that hospital…you are not alone!

    We’re hoping for a very good report today! May Rudy hold strong and God’s peace be very evident to all of you.

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