“Just Another Manic Monday”

Today has felt like a few days wrapped into one…quite a bit going on from a fun lunch with friends in Santa Barbara to a surprise dinner party with friends in L.A. in celebration of the birthday I’m going to ignore later this week.  In between it all there was sweet Rudy facing a couple of challenges.  As Rolf reported earlier, Rudy’s surgery was postponed again until Wednesday.  The attempt off the vent didn’t go so well so he was put back on pressure support with the plan to dial it back and wean slowly.  Rolf held Rudy until I arrived around 3pm.  When he was transferred back to the bed, Nurse Samantha detected right away that his groin line fell out making quite a bloody mess.  Frustrating – because it’s a line into his vein that is quite necessary for administering his meds and TPN (nutrition) and Rudy is notorious for making the placement of such lines VERY difficult.  Nurse Practitioner Anita and Dr. Lee worked hard at finding new access but, ultimately, Dr. Rick placed a new sub-clavian line…it’s location could be problematic in the future for his open heart surgeries but, like always, we trust the veins will remain open and clear and we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.  Rudy was cleaned up and settled by 9:30pm and I’m just know settling in myself at midnight.  The plan for Rudy tomorrow is to lay low, exercise off the vent, maybe get some physical therapy and cuddle! 

I remember talking with Dr. Rick many weeks ago after a particularly tough day for Rudy and as we talked over Rudy at his bedside, Rudy yawned and Dr. Rick said “a distressed baby doesn’t yawn”.  Tonight, Dr. Rick and I were, once again, talking about the day’s events at the bedside when Rudy yawned a big, relaxed yawn.  I chuckled and reminded Dr. Rick of his past observation and he replied “there was enough stress in the room today – Rudy didn’t need to join in”.  Dr. Rick sure has a soft spot for Rudy…and vice versa.  May tomorrow be a day FULL of relaxed yawns and big, full breaths.  Thank you for your continued prayers…

12 thoughts on ““Just Another Manic Monday”

  1. I think we all have a soft spot for Rudy……prayers for strength for all of you…..each day,from a HLHS grandma, Diana

  2. Prayed for Rudy this a.m. at Mass. We miss Oma sitting among us, but I know she is doing yeoman’s duty with your sweet family. Tell her hello for me. Prayers for all of you.

  3. I’m so glad you were celebrated Trish! Hope this birthday week is very “yawny.”

    The steadfast love of the Lord never fails. His mercies never come to an end. More love and mercy ahead for you and Rudy….the whole family!

    Grace for us all.

  4. Love you Rudy rest little man and let the prayers carry you. Trish I hope your birthday celebration lasts all week my friend….. Love to you all.

  5. I don’t know you (recruited you through Mob Wars) but I am the father of a two year old girl. We recently have fell into our own hard times due to the economy. I lost a six figure job and we had to relocate from Tennessee to South Carolina (home) in order for me to find work again. Since coming back home my wife has had a hard to finding employment and I am only making a third of what I made before. We had to file for bankruptcy because we could not sell the house in TN. But with all that said, we know that there are other families out there dealing with a much harder situation like yourself. I have only read this post and noted that this has been ongoing for a few months. I hope the best for you and your family and if you don’t mind, I will keep you on my friends list and keep track of your story. Like all good stories, I hope your will have the fairy tale happy ending. I can’t wait to read about it! Though we may be a 1000 miles away, we will absolutly do anything we can to help. Good luck and our thoughts are with you.
    Shannon (achilles76)

  6. God is good and he will continue to give you, Rolf and family the strength needed. At least Rudy was able to yawn a bit!! God willing he will have a good restful evening.

    Trish, I love my pictures!!!! Thank you! Rudy is just too cute!

    Love and hugs,

  7. I can just imagine that sweet face making a big yawn. I pray for some relaxing moments for you all this week. Love Sydney

  8. Dear Trish,

    Happy Birthday! May you look back on this birthday years from now and marvel at how far God has brought you and Rudy and your whole family. I’m so glad to now be receiving Rudy’s beat updates by email so I can get a daily dose of news and a daily reminder to pray. Our 4 year old Josh is especially good at praying for Rudy every night at the dinner table.

    Much, much love to you!


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