No Surgery today

Yesterday evening, as the ICU and surgery teams were working out their schedules, they ended up taking Rudy off the list as they had to prioritize other cases.  They would work to add him in if there were any cancellations, but I found it tough to hope and pray for that as surgeries like this don’t usually get cancelled because the patients heal themselves.  As crazy as we are about our own little patient, we need to keep in view that this is a hospital full of sick kids and the team has to make choices.  A member of the surgery team just came in about an hour ago to tell me personally that it wasn’t going to be today.  So, right now Rudy is the second case on Wednesday.

As the team rounded today, Dr. Rick decided to do something about the vent as Rudy got put back on late last week so that he’d be fit for surgery Friday and then continued on in case it would happen today.  So, we’ve been dialing things around a bit to give him some exercise.  After five days on support, taking him off cold turkey was a bit too much, so now we have him on pressure support only and he’s been sitting on my lap for about four hours peacefully napping or studying his surroundings.

Trish is on the way down so we can switch up this afternoon.

6 thoughts on “No Surgery today

  1. Rolf and Trish, all in God’s perfect timing is what I’m told. Of course, not always in our timing ….we think. Knowing Rudy is in God’s hands always is what I’ll rest in. I just don’t know how you both cope constantly adjusting to schedules and the up and down of this journey. You have been so strong and flexible in our eyes. Whether you believe it or not, you both show us almost daily how to yield and trust in God. He is using you both. You have blessed me more than once. God loves you both and your beautiful family. Rest and know He is God and in control. You show us all that. Love, Cousin Dianna

  2. Wow! Four hours in Daddy’s lap! You realize Rudy that “out there” that doesn’t happen too much!

    You are loved!

  3. praying many times each day for God’s perfect timing… I write this I realize I am just reminding myself that God’s timing is perfect, so His will be done! xxooR

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