Saturday Update

Not much to report today (I guess that’s a good thing), but I’ll give a quick status.

We had a fun evening together with the older kids enjoying some fine entertainment at the La Patera Elementary School Talent Show.  Fun to see and be seen!  This morning, Livy and I made the trip down to relieve Oma at Rudy’s bedside.  Livy had raised a protest over the fact that she hasn’t had the opportunity to come down to see Rudy and spend the night, so this is her chance.  She’s spending as much time in the room as outside of it as there’s now a new group of nurses to charm here on the PICU side in addition to keeping up with her CTICU friends on the other side.

Rudy has had some struggles today.  The fussiness and the occasional fever spike have come to mark the onset of an infection, so that’s being monitored carefully and we’ll wait to see what the cultures bring back.  He did calm down by mid-afternoon and has had a few hours of comfortable rest.

We’ve been in contact with the GI surgical team and they are trying to arrange the surgical calendar.  While everyone would like to get Rudy on the calendar for Monday, there are some emergency cases that might take precedence.  Of course, if an infection is discovered that might make the choice for us.  So, another thing to wait on.  We’ll let you know when we hear something.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Update

  1. We are praying for you all. We had some yummy guacamole tonight thanks to the avacados I stuffed in my bags from your tree!

  2. Still praying for you Rudy. Have fun with your sister and Daddy this weekend. Hope for good news in the coming days.
    Hugs and kisses.

  3. Oh my goodness, when Rudy’s beat arrived a good 2.5 hours early I was afraid it contained an urgent prayer request. SO GLAD to read that first line. No new is, sort of, good news.


  4. prayers for things to go in the right direction, as we know……..take one day , one minute at a time…….from a HLHS grandma, Diana

  5. Praying for you, Rudy, for the rest of the weekend, that you are infection-free, and that you can have your surgery at just the right time. You have had some changes, with moving rooms and all. Praying you adjust and have a great weekend with Daddy and Olivia!

  6. Rolf, Trish and family.

    It was such a blessing to come and visit with Trish and Rudy on Friday!! It was nice to get out of Glendale too for a while. I enjoyed every second and meeting the wonderful team of nurses that are caring for Rudy! He is just so precious and I know that God is working on this little precious life as only God himself does things, one step at a time! Smile! I am jazzed about getting my “Rudy has captured my heart” bracelet!! Keep the faith and know that God is in control!!

    Love and lots of hugs!

  7. Rolf, Trish and family,

    I know that Rudy is in God’s great hands and he is in total control of this precious little boy! It was great visiting with Trish and Rudy on Friday. What a treat that was for me and it was so cool to see all the loving care by the nurses. I love my new ‘Rudy’ bracelet too!! Yay! As for this surgery setback, know that God is in control and perhaps he is mending Rudy so that surgery will not be necessary at all!!! What can I say? I am a total optimist and have complete trust in God that an amazing miracle is about to happen. Keep the faith and as always, one step at a time!

    Love and kisses to all!

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