Surgery Standby

Well, dear friends, thank you for your prayers this morning for Rudy’s surgery scheduled for this afternoon…we just got word that his surgery has been cancelled.  Thankfully not because of Rudy’s condition (he has been quite stable today) but because an emergency case came in that they need to tend to first!!!  This is unfortunate and we’re disappointed to have a delay in moving forward but in light of how far we’ve come, we can wait a few days.  The prayer now shifts to Rudy staying stable in preparation for the surgery either next Monday or Wednesday.  In the past, our windows of opportunity with Rudy have been somewhat small before the  next infection, etc…  We trust this is no longer the case with him and he’ll enjoy a lazy, crisis-free weekend with Dad and Olivia.

As always, we’ll keep you posted!  Blessings…

8 thoughts on “Surgery Standby

  1. …and I pray Mommy has a relaxing time at home too! The dust bunnies will happily wait!

    Rudy, we love you!

  2. Too bad there was an emergency…but happy it wasn’t Rudy! And of course it’s a Friday! Now the waiting game….
    Continued prayers from CT

  3. Oh, so sorry you have to wait yet again. God’s timing is best….so relax, and enjoy the weekend! We will pray for a clean bill of health for Rudy next week too!!

  4. We love you Rudy ! That will give him few more days of peace before his surgery…. 🙂
    Rudy has captured our hearts so much !
    Richard and Faith

  5. Dont worry. Be happy. Now you can have some just play time until surgery. Soak up every moment…as you know once he has his surgery it will be a while before you can hold him again. Even though it “vaccums” to have to wait at least you get a few more baby days with him. Tickle him, kiss him and love him. Give him some love from me too!! Love you! Go Rudy Go!!

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