The Countdown to Surgery

Today was a “get ready for surgery day”…very low key with alot of sleeping on Rudy’s part.  He was quite stable all day with oxygen sats in the high70s to low 90s, decent heart rate and blood pressure.  He was cranky when he was awake but, thankfully, I was able to calm him down without the use of meds.  He had nice long stretches of sleep in between IPV treatments every three hours.  He slept in my lap for a couple of hours this evening and that’s always a highlight.  His xray looked great today…lungs nice and open so he’s all ready for his stomach surgery tomorrow.  He’s number 3 on the list so he’ll most likely head to the OR in the afternoon.  I have to leave mid-day to get home in time for the kids’ talent show at school (all three are participating) but Oma will come and sit with Rudy upon his return from the OR.  The mood surrounding Rudy is optimistic…everyone feels that once he starts getting feeds to his gut that he’ll start to fly!  He’ll have the weekend to recover and then they’ll try feeds on Monday.  Big steps ahead…

Speaking of big steps, Rudy hasn’t vocalized much since the video I posted back on January 27th.  While we were waiting for transport to our new room yesterday, Rudy had a bit of meltdown and it was the first time nurses Filma and Denise heard him cry.  Of course, we had to get it on video (see below).  It’s a soft cry because he is trached but the fact that he can vocalize around the trach is so fun.  Also, check out the sucking action of our sleeping hero!  This is good stuff…

8 thoughts on “The Countdown to Surgery

  1. Okay, I have to say those are some of the most beautiful videos I have seen yet!! No, he will not appreciate the video of him crying, but hey, what are parents for?! Wonderful, wonderful sights!

  2. Hes sooo cute. its like a little duck sound. i think you guys will be home before we waddle down that way. Well its nice to see him so angry and full of life. i miss him. give his hair a nice faux hawk one of these days for me. if i was there id do it myself. Go Rudy Go!!!

  3. Great job Rudy… even your crying is sweet. Love your little videos.
    Still praying for you…for all to go well.
    hugs and kisses…

  4. Rudy is so cute and chubby looking. I love his voice, just like his mama! And that little sucker – so cute and the perfect baby! Good luck tomorrow, praying for you buddy! Love you Trish!

  5. let them hear you Rudy, music to our ears……..prayers for a good day through surgery, Diana{HLHS grandma}

  6. Did you ever think you would celebrate the cries of a baby? I am celebrating. Enjoy the talent show Trish and have a good time performing kids.
    Much love and many prayers

  7. Those are just the sweetest videos ever. He is such a beautiful baby or would that be handsome? (I think both) Lovely to see “crying” Rudy and hear you.

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