We’re on the move on Rudy’s 20-week Birthday!

Rudy at 20 weeks
Rudy at 20 weeks

Okay, there are those days here at UCLA that just don’t stop and today was one of them.  It started out like every other day.  I woke up, folded my bed linens and put them away, pumped, wandered out to the hallway shower and got showered/dressed and ate breakfast.  I made it back to Rudy’s room in time to listen to the morning round report and then settled down to hang out with Rudy and do some suctioning.  As it turned out, there wasn’t much “hang out” time with Rudy.  The ventilator got rolled back in…the team reported during rounds that the xray of Rudy’s right lung was starting to look hazy again and head toward collapsing.  As a result, they put Rudy back on the ventilator to keep things open and prevent the lungs from collapsing before his surgery on Friday.  He didn’t like it at first (he feels the pressure in his lungs) but he was calm by the time I left him for dinner.  Thankfully, it doesn’t feel like a setback but the big bummer is that because of an air leak around Rudy’s trach, the vent doesn’t always detect his breaths and as a result, the obnoxious alarm goes off almost continuously.  I’ve threatened to shoot the darn thing with a shot gun in the past and Nurse Filma was just about ready to join me in my crusade after just a few minutes!  Ha Ha

The team also mentioned during rounds that Rudy would be moved to the PICU tomorrow…something Dr. Rick talked to me about last week.  Because the issues keeping Rudy in the hospital are no longer “cardiac”, he no longer needs to be in the Cardio-Thoracic ICU and a move to the general Pediatric ICU would be the next step…one step closer to home!  Well, I enjoyed a good lunch with some great friends and when we returned, the room was half packed up and Rudy was ready for transport!  As often happens in the ICU, things move unexpectedly – figuratively and literally…a bed opened up in the PICU and, bam!, off we went.  I was a little embarrassed packing up all the stuff we’ve accumulatedly in 20 weeks…it took me 5 or 6 trips to get everything moved but the good news is we only had to move six doors down to a room in the same unit aaaaaaaaand, hold on to your socks, it’s a room with a private bathroom!!!  Yep, a sink, a toilet AND a bath tub and shower!!!  Happy, happy day.  Like in most of the major events that have happened in his lifetime so far, Rudy slept through it all but I spent the afternoon rearranging everything and we’re nice and settled this evening.  We’re going to miss our CT nurses desperately but we look forward to meeting a whole new pool of PICU nurses and we’re thankful that we can wave to our CT friends with only an administrative desk dividing us.

My mind is spinning tonight…alot to process and learn (the PICU has different rules and procedures) and there are a TON of details swirling around in my head that I’ve got to try to get on paper.  So, I’ll sign off for tonight but will give a more medical update on Rudy tomorrow.

Our "change of address" notification
Our "change of address" notification



We left our mark in Rudy's room...shhh, don't tell!
We left our mark in Rudy's room...shhh, don't tell!









preparing our new room
preparing our new room




Rudy's new PICU room - Check out Nurse Amy!
Rudy's new PICU room - Check out Nurse Amy!

15 thoughts on “We’re on the move on Rudy’s 20-week Birthday!

  1. Enjoy your new room while you can Rudy I think you are headed home soon… Still praying for you… Glad your mom gets her own bathroom that is such a treat after all this time.

  2. Congratulations on your new room and 5 whoppin’ months!!!!! A trooper on the move!

    So so so glad your mommy got her own private bathroom!!!!

  3. a a little scarey to leave a unit you are comfortable with and feel safe with; but hopefully you keep moving in the right direction, Home….Home……Home………..Diana, a HLHS grandma

  4. Pretty baby !! Praying for the surgery on Friday – a GREAT recovery, and one step closer to going home 🙂
    The Groves

  5. Wow!! Love seeing him in his outfit, love seeing the “graffiti”, LOVE the new room!! Congratulations on these huge steps! Can’t wait to see the little guy here in Goleta, we are all praying for you, enjoy your shower today!

  6. That’s a good lookin’ kid. I’m so glad you get your own shower now. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make us so happy.

  7. that picture and this news is incredible!!! You just made my day…he is getting more and more handsome every day. I have to tell you though- he will resent that hat when he’s a teen! Keep on pushin’ Rudy.

  8. As always, Rudy is just too precious for words!!! Love the picture, and congrats on a new room with better “amenities”. Well deserved too!!!

    Every little win is a huge one!!! Go Rudy Go!


  9. YYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! I’m in tears!! Happy tears of course! Your such a bad girl, tagging the hospital. You make me proud. I totally would have done the same thing. I am truly happy for you guys. This is awesome. I keep you in my thoughts everyday. no joke. Your almost home! CVS here we come!! Go Rudy Go!!!!

  10. Your own bathroom? Wowwwww! Too cool! Rudy looks like he is all dressed up and is ready to go home. Of course, a short stay in PICU will give him time to win the hearts of that staff too. What a handsome little guy he is. Your family as always are in our prayers. Love, Dianna

  11. I love that you have your own bathroom. I love our God, He is so cool. I am praying for you guys. I can’t wait to log on one day and see pictures of all of you at home.


  12. Yeh for progress and blessings ! A real bathroom is a big deal !!! Trish, take a long, hot shower—every morning ! You deserve it. Rudy just looks better and better–how easy it is to see how much he loves his Mommy. He is such a fortunate little guy to have amazing parents and siblings. God’s hand is so present each and every day. This experience is a book waiting to happen—patience, courage, love and Faith in capital letters !!!

    Betty and Mike

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