Credit given where it’s due…thanks to Nurses Denise and Kelly

Though we see only the highest professionalism in the CTICU, given that our son’s care is in their hands we do our best not to upset them.  In light of this, we have corrected a previous post that spoke of RT Oscar e-mailing us pictures of Rudy breathing.  It was in fact Nurse Denise, who might have been less offended by the omission than by the assumption that someone of her generation would not be able to master such technology.  We are so sorry.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Nurse Denise.  I’ll call you the next time I have a problem with my computer.

While we’re appreciating our Nurse friends, we have adopted a practice of decorating Rudy’s room for the holidays we’ve spent here at UCLA.  Knowing Trish, Valentine’s Day would not have been an exception, save for the fact that we entered at the start of the week to find it already adorned with streamers of hearts and red garland.  We’ve since determined that Nurse Kelly was the elf responsible.  Thanks, Kelly!  Rudy loves his room!

2 thoughts on “Credit given where it’s due…thanks to Nurses Denise and Kelly

  1. Awwww….I just printed that picture and I’m taking it to church to show off Rudy’s first smile! Cutie-pie!!!!!

    That was a very nice Valentine for all of us….equally as good as the one your brothers and sisters sent! Thank you Rudy!

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