Happy Valentine’s Day

Kisses to you!
Kisses to you!




a sleepy valentine
a sleepy valentine









Happy Valentine’s Day Everybody!!
Rolf has more of a medical update coming later today but I just wanted to send you a quick love note from our family to you!
I woke up to a wonderful Valentine’s breakfast of scrambled eggs and orange juice prepared by Max and Olivia and just finished a lovely grilled cheese sandwich lunch prepared by Wilson.  I’m getting spoiled here at home and we are soon off to Max’s basketball game.  We’re all missing our other two Valentines in L.A. but it sounds like they are having a nice, relaxed day together.  More soon…

11 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Talented, talented children! Thank you so much for the musical Valentine. Give those cute kids of yours a hug for me. And I am on my way to Mass this evening–will pray big prayers for Mr. Rudy and all the rest of your family! Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

  2. Hey grandkids. Happy Valentine’s Day back to you! Don’t forget your ice cream treat at Caraval’s.! Your cousines Jonathan and Michael are coming to stay overnight with us. Wish you were here…………………Love you MORE, G’Ma AND G’pa

    Trish, I am glad you are getting spoiled. Way to go Max and Livy Jo.

    Rolf and Rudy, Any “Barbie’s” lurking around there? If not, we wish you Happy Valentine’s Day just so you don’t feel left out.

  3. We SAW that teeny weeny glimpse of a smile on Rudy! How precious! and we love the ROCKIN’ -Jam Valentine….good beat, good vocals, good lookin’…just good.

  4. Move over Partridge family! Here come the Geylings! Did you guys ever figure out who decorated Rudy’s room for Valentine’s?

  5. That’s the best invitation to be a Valentine I’ve ever had. I would love to be a Valentine of the Geylings. Many Blessings to your family.

  6. Trish,

    I’m so glad your three SB Valentine’s are spoiling you…those kids are the greatest!!! I LOVED their song–SO CUTE!

    Happy Valentine’s day to all of you, too! And we pray the L.A. Valentine’s are doing well!


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