Gastric Emptying Test

Rudy, Nurse Kelly and I had an early morning field trip down and over to nuclear radiology today for a “gastric emptying test”.  RT Oscar and Fellow Julianne helped in the transport to a whole other building in the medical plaza through a basement corridor – quite an adventure.  The test involved the tech putting 30 ccs of formula laced with a tracer into Rudy’s stomach through an NG tube in his nose.  Then they put him under a scanner for 90 minutes and every 15 minutes they took a minute-long picture of his stomach to see if the stomach was emptying normally.  The challenge was to keep him still as he didn’t get his morning pain meds in preparation for the test so I stood next to him holding his pacifier in place and stroking his hand the whole time…so sweet!  The preliminary results indicate that Rudy’s stomach does have a delay in emptying.  This is not a huge surprise but the question now is “why?” and “is this a permanent condition or just another one of Rudy’s systems that is slow to kick in?”.  The next step is to do an Upper GI contrast test which is scheduled for tomorrow.  It’s similar in that they’ll put formula mixed with contrast down his throat and watch it’s journey to the stomach via fluoroscopy looking for any obstruction.  So, the information gathered from both tests will help determine the next step…most likely a GJ feeding tube that goes directly into the intestine through his side. 

Like the trach, this is another treatment option explained to us a while back that we hoped Rudy’s journey wouldn’t come to but it looks like that may be where we are headed.  From what I understand,  a modified nursing schedule in conjunction with the feeding tube may still be an option if Rudy can learn to latch on so I’m praying to that end.  This is a really full week for Rudy…an aggressive push to make some progress which is good but it’s also generating a ton of information to process.  Not that we have many options but please pray for clarity of mind for me and Rolf as we digest each nugget of information comin’ our way…no pun intended!  Please pray for Rudy’s comfort this week as well as he is being messed with a great deal while trying to heal from the tracheoscopy.  Such a sweetie-pie!

gastric emptying test - getting preped
gastric emptying test - getting prepped



getting positioned
getting positioned


all set
all set

11 thoughts on “Gastric Emptying Test

  1. I think Rudy has been in more space ships, had more sophisticated rides, and has experienced more cool techno-gadjets than your other three put together! My goodness! Rudy we would fly to the moon for you if it would make you all better!

    And you and Rolf have processed more information than you would care to realize! Keep strong and encouraged! You will be able to face tomorrow….I know it. You’re not alone!

  2. Stay strong and faithful…take your time to understand everything and continue to support each other. Rudy will lead the way, just follow his cues. We keep sending our prayers from CT.

  3. Wow what a load of new experiences and stuff to handle. We are trying to carry it with you in prayer. May you feel Him with you in each of these new and scary rooms and discussions. He is able, more than able…

  4. We do pray for comfort for that sweet little guy and also wisdom for you, Rolf and the doctors. May this be the week that Rudy really turns the corner!

    Loads of love and blessings,

    Chris and Lisa

  5. We are praying for you Rolf and Trish and Baby Rudy – we know that you will continue to be guided and supported along the way as you have thus far. God never gives us more than we can handle. Go Rudy, go! Hugs and kisses and much love, The Borkovich Family

  6. hold each other up and hold that precious little hand, he will give the strength you so desperatly need….prayers, / Dawn’s mom

  7. I just can’t imagine all this poor little guy has to endure. My heart is heavy, and yet, the Lord surrounds him, I know. We continue to pray for his strength, and healing and progress. And for you!

  8. One of my devotionals that I know you will love:

    The light of God surrounds me; The love of God enfolds me; The power of God protects me; The presence of God watches over me. Wherever I am, God is.



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