He’s Awake


‘Just a couple more “trach day” pics of the precious one awake and comfortable.  He woke up for a little bit but fell back asleep after his afternoon pain meds.  🙂









22 thoughts on “He’s Awake

  1. How could you not love that face?! So glad to hear that Rudy came through this procedure and will soon be back in your arms. (Happy to hear his mom and dad did too!) Prayers for Rudy to have a restful night and to keep plugging along this seemingly neverending path! I wish we, adults had as much fight and vigor in us as these little guys do!

  2. Hey, look at that little dude tape-free!!!!! You just celebrate each apparatus, adhesive, or tube that is removed! You all have been on some serious roller coasters even of late, and I just wanted you to know that we love you and are praying for you. SOOOOOOO good to see Rudy’s whole mug!

  3. How sweet your little face looks. I love being able to see your whole face. I am sure this new tube will be temporary. Keep healing Rudy.
    Love, hugs and kisses…

  4. Oh my! This little adorable face-sooo precious. Continuing to pray for strength for little Rudy and all of you. Hugs.

  5. Yeah! Its like we get to know him all over again! What a beautiful face…sorry handsome. He truly is part of the Geyling clan. Im so glad all went well. I cant wait to smother those cheeks with kisses. We love you all. Go Rudy Go!!

  6. Rudy! You are so precious! What a handsome kiddo you are! We’re so proud of how you just keep fighting and not giving up. And we’re thankful for your mom and dad and your doctors and nurses don’t give up either!!!

  7. He is beautiful! It is so great to see his face unobstructed. I read your entries everyday and pray. You and Rolf are inspiring, just as Rudy is too!

  8. His face is so precious! I’m always amazed at your strength in this journey. I’m so glad that the kids had an awesome time at Disneyland with the family. I will pray for Rudy and his healing…

  9. These pictures are awesome ! What a pretty baby !! I loved his pictures with no tubes… it’s a step closer to a total recovery !! 🙂
    We love you Rudy !

    Faith and Richard

  10. Hi, Precious!

    Pic. #1…..Hi, Mommie
    Pic. #2…..Something is missing?
    Pic. #3…..Where is that darn tube? I can’t find it!

    We notice your frown is gone. Feels good doesn’t it, Rudy, to be free of the breathing tube? Now you can give slobbery kisses and even learn to smile. What a guy. Jesus loves you and so do we.

  11. What a beautiful face! It is so good to see Rudy tape-free. We will continue to pray for all of you.
    Lots of love.

  12. Stayed away awhile just to be in prayer. Was so concerned with the latest news and imagine my excitement to open up Rudysbeat this morning looking at this beautiful, precious, wonderful face looking back at me!!! You are SO cute!! I sent the pictures out to Auntie Ann so she can print them off to show Calvary Chapel brothers and sisters that have been in prayer for you Rudy. They will be so excited. Rudy you look so healthy! I have a feeling this trach thing is a piece of cake for you Rudy. You are one tough cookie little one. This too will pass. Yahoo! Thank you Lord! Love to all, Cousin Dianna

  13. Having all those tubes off his face feels so refreshing, even to those of us who aren’t there–his face is SO cute! And NOW I can finally see the Geyling look that was masked for so long! We can all see that he is one of your family…and he’s so lucky to look like his capable parents, and loving siblings.

  14. Clinton Rudolph Geyling a.k.a. “Cutest Little 4-1/2 month old in the World!” That middle picture is making a great background on my desktop computer and serves to remind me to pray fervently for Rudy’s progress!

  15. What wonderful good news and handsome photos! We will just keep praying for his full recovery and strength for you all

  16. Rolf, Trish and family,

    I love these photos and as always, I am praying daily for Rudy and for all of you that God will just keep guiding this team of doctors that are helping Rudy and all of you. BTW, I loooove the picture of Rudy sticking out his tongue! That’s right Rudy, you stick your tongue out at Satan!! He deserves that! Nothing is impossible for your God!!

    Keep the faith and stay positive dear Geylings!! God is ready to bless you in a way that you could not imagine!


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