2-11-09: Happy 19-Week Birthday

paci holder
paci holder

I couldn’t let today pass without mention of Rudy’s 19-week bday!!!  We celebrate him tonight as he eagerly sucks on his “new and improved” pacifier complete with ear ties to keep it in place!  🙂  He has promised more than one nurse to be their Valentine so I imagine he’ll get alot of attention in the next couple of days with visits from nurse-friends during break time.  So thankful to God for his precious little life so far!  Happy Birthday Rudy!

7 thoughts on “2-11-09: Happy 19-Week Birthday

  1. Good job on the pacifer retention straps…nice to see some low-tech innovations amidst all the electronics and such. Happy birthday little Rudy – you make Wednesdays special!

  2. Really?… has it been 19weeks. Well my little CVS buddy you know we would be walking down today to get decorations for Valentines. Also candy. You know what a sweet tooth this team has. I know how hard it can be to hear of the next step that Rudy needs to endure, but remember that it is one step closer to home. He is so amazing and is doing so well because of your strength. He pulls from you and you are doing awesome. Im so proud of you and your family. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you! Go Rudy Go!!

  3. Great new look little man. Happy sucking!!!!!!!! Lots of love and Happy Valentine’s Day XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX You to Trish.

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