Nurse Mary’s Famous Bubble Bath!

Rudy likes it!
Rudy likes it!
Bath time fun
Bath time fun
Nurse Mary making bubbles!
Nurse Mary making bubbles!


 See Rudy’s 1st bath (now, right side up!)  Part 1:


Part 2:

19 thoughts on “Nurse Mary’s Famous Bubble Bath!

  1. Rudy looked like a pampered prince with all those attendants giving him a bubble bath. It was made all the more regal with Nurse Mary’s wonderful accent! Praying that today will be a better day and that your shower facility, Trish, is just as fresh and clean as it was the other morning! We love you in Kansas!!

  2. Well, Rudy, after bathing four little babies myself, I think your first bubble bath went very smoothly….you had the best bubbles I have ever seen! You’re so lucky…….well you deserve to be lucky….you’ve earned it little buddy!

  3. How precious! Who wouldn’t love a bath like that! What a treat for Rudy and for Trish! Praise and thanks to God for making this sweet time possible!

  4. omg thanks for letting us take part in Rudys first bath. I am sending you lots of good wishes this day and always.

  5. Hi Trish,
    Don’t feel bad, I also video taped with a turned camera when Cameron sang at my niece’s wedding and boy did I hear about it from my husband when it couldn’t be turned right way up. Oh well. He sounded great even sideways. 😉

    Glad to see Rudy in the lilttle tub of bubbles. I am sure it flet great after all this time to get such a treat.

    Hugs and kisses to all.

  6. That is the cutest ever! Rudy looks so good. I can tell he loved his bath. Im happy to see him doing so well. I am thinking of you everyday!! Keep on truckin! Go Rudy Go!!

  7. I do say he is truly a so cal boy, his first “hot tub”!! I had no idea of your shower situation, that is awful! I think you need to ask if you can run an inservice for housekeeping while you are there, could help them and you!! (tee hee) Anyhow, wonderful to see him bathing and enjoying some normal pleasures. It is such a pleasure to get to see and hear things going on, I especially liked the comment about electrocution….???!!!aaakkk!!!

  8. Oh how fun! I bet he smelled so, so yummy. What a special team you have helping you take care of baby Rudy. Trish, I’m thinking you need to trun that ICU shower INTO a Spa! Add a few potted flowers, great smelling soaps, candles, soft plush towels…hmmmm….

  9. I can’t even express how happy that video made me. He looked so relaxed and content…LOVE YOU RUDY!

  10. Nurse Mary is a genious ! What loving hands and heart ! Trish, I could sense you were grinning from ear to ear even though not visible. Here’s to more warm bubble baths !!!
    Betty Bagdasarian

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