1-14-09: Happy 15-Week Birthday

15 weeks old
15 weeks old
Bubble bath #2
Bubble bath #2


Clean and Cozy
Clean and Cozy


How can it be 2 weeks into January already!!!?  Time truly is flying by and that feeling is compounded by the fact that it’s hard to keep track of what time of the day it is in Rudy’s world.  Last night, Rudy’s bubble bath took place at midnight and we didn’t get settled down for our night’s rest until 2am!  He gets 20-minute ivp/respritory therapy treatments every 6 hours around the clock, a daily chest x-ray anywhere from 3am-5am and a topsy-turvy sleep schedule so you learn to sleep when Rudy sleeps.  We had a chance to nap together again today as I held him for a couple of hours this morning.  Precious!

Rudy turned 15 weeks old today.  There wasn’t anything particularly celebratory about the day…but it was a good day.  Rudy slept, did his OT exercises, had fitful times which caused the usual  fever and high heart rate but he didn’t need any “rescue” doses of medication to settle down, he also had some alert, calm stretches this evening.  There weren’t any big changes on the vent…he tolerated 14bpm and a pressure support of 12 all day.  The second round of ivp treatments he has been getting this week is to prevent his lungs from collapsing and to loosen up any secretions in and around his lungs by shooting pulses of air into his lungs to inflate them.  He has endeared himself to all his RTs because he actually likes the treatments…he chills out and doesn’t fight it.  Too cute!

Nurse Mary is back again tonight so Rudy will get another “midnight bubble bath” before bedding down.  He just had his ivp treatment so he should sleep real well after his bath.  So, we end another day…so thankful for another day that, as we have learned this past week of deep loss for our extended families, must not be taken for granted. Nighty-Night from Rudy’s room…



14 thoughts on “1-14-09: Happy 15-Week Birthday

  1. The placid look on Rudy’s face post-bubble bath again underscores the truth of your “fresh undies, fresh outlook” maxim. Maybe Nurse Mary can rustle up a pink tub big enough for you so you can have a bubble bath too–but only if she does her human Jacuzzi thing.

  2. Gotta say, Rolf, the visual of Trish in a large tub with another woman blowing bubbles is not one that I care to let linger on the flat screen of my mind, though I appreciate and concur with the supportive and caring thought behind your suggestion!

    May you all have a blessed day — wherever it is that you generate your “fresh outlook.”

  3. Happy 15 week Birthday! I love the bubble baths. Now if we can just get his hair under control that would be awesome…just kidding. I love his new gown too. Give him big kisses from us. xoxo

  4. I too love his new gown. I see so many pictures of him without blankets that I worry he’s cold! However, with all that tender loving care he receives, I figure they’ve got that point covered by a hot room or something.

    Happy Birthday, Rudy!

  5. Was that Nurse Mary or Rudy making those bubbles? Too cute! He was probably in heaven and feeling fresh and new after his first bubble bath. Thanks for the photos and video and Happy Birthday Rudy!

  6. Rudy, you look so good in red! Trish, hope you get another nap with Rudy in your arms. It’s got to be his favorite place. Warm bubble bath, in his Mommy’s warm embrace…..nothing better. We continue to stand for fluid free lungs, good breathing, good numbers, etc. Here’s to another good day of blessings from the Lord. Love, Cousin Dianna

  7. His hair is getting so long! He looks so cute! Prayers of thanksgiving for the good numbers and prayers that things will continue to improve.

  8. Happy 15 weeks sweet boy. Hope you get lots of bubble baths from now on, you sure look sweet in that little tub. Keep up the hard work and we will keep praying for you too.
    Hugs & kisses.

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