Down to Ten!

Trish and I have both been in Santa Barbara today to be with Grandma and Grandpa and get the kids back off to school. Had lunch out on the pier and enjoyed that “only in Santa Barbara” view.  We’ve been checking in down at UCLA by phone and are very encouraged by Rudy’s steady progress.  Two more steps down on his ventilator rate mean he just came down to 10 breaths per minute this evening and seems to be tolerating things well.  The team will likely continue to step down the rate, but will also start to turn down the pressure with which each breath comes from the ventilator.  In my check-in with Dr. Lee this evening, he mentioned that Rudy’s prealbumin, which is an indicator of nutrition, is now at 29!  The last time they tried to extubate him, it was less than 10.  With good nourishment, they hoped to maintain a level of 20 so it’s great to have Rudy well above that.  The prayers for nutrition are clearly being answered and he now has lots of energy for breathing.  Go, Rudy, Go!!

Trish will be heading back to UCLA tomorrow and we’re excited that one of us can be with Rudy during this encouraging swing.  While the team is keeping an eye on some very small fluid pockets on his lungs, these haven’t grown significantly over the last week so we can continue to hold him–and something tells me that’s what Trish will be doing most of the next few days.

In addition to your prayers, we also have a minor logistical request for those who are so inclined.  A few people who called Trish today might have wondered if it sounded like she was whitewater rafting.  Actually, in a fit of efficiency this weekend, Trish laundered her cell phone–she might just be taking the whole hygiene around Rudy thing a bit too far.  It’s now downy fresh and static-free but doesn’t actually send and receive calls.  We did set her up with a new one (Dante overlooked a 10th circle of Hell–the cell phone store).  Unfortunately her contacts didn’t transfer so if you speak with Trish regularly by cell phone, she would appreciate you calling hers sometime in the next few days so she can capture your number–or send it to her by e-mail.  Pat me on the back for restraining myself…there are just too many jokes to make here.

18 thoughts on “Down to Ten!

  1. I am really excited about these numbers; I will keep praying for Rudy’s progress, and Trish, I’ll surely give you a call to get my number in the mix of your new cell phone! Have fun holding Rudy!

  2. Aha!!!!! The celll phone explanation! ….hee hee! You’re the 3rd friend this month that got hygenic with their phone!

    Yeah for the numbers!!! Give kisses to our little fighter!!!

    Grace and Marlin

  3. Yay Rudy…you’re plugging along so well with that breathing! We rejoice with you all and pray that this wonderful trend will continue!

    Happy and easy breathing, dear little Rudy! You are in our prayers, daily!

  4. Two things I’m in agreement on – that cell phone stores are Hell (the employee-client ratio), and PRAISING GOD FOR RUDY-ROO’S PROGRESS!!!!!!

  5. Today I will concentrate on praying for clear lungs. Four of us joined Oma at Mass yesterday for a row of powerful prayer for Rudy. Go, Rudy, GO!

  6. Such encouraging progress! Besides the prayers, no doubt the long cuddling sessions are making a big difference.

    Keep up the good work, Rudy!

  7. Great news from the front lines! We’ll keep reinforcing you with prayer as the vent numbers keep going down! Love you all!

  8. We are very excited for Rudy’s progress!!

    Trish should try washing her phone in the dishwasher with Cascade. It should give her crystal clear reception!

  9. So happy to hear such a good progress report! Big huge hug for Rudy! (Sorry about your squishy cell phone. At least it was the wash machine, not the toilet.)

  10. This is such great news. Way to go Rudy. I think he is so ready for you to hear him cry. We will pray for clear lungs and the continued lowering of breathing support. I will give Trish a call as well just to have a good laugh about her phone. And it was very gentleman like not to razz her about it… but it sure will be a funny story to tell in the future. xoxo

  11. Great News Little one. We will keep praying and look forward to more good news soon.
    Hugs and kisses to all.

  12. PRAISE THE LORD!! Don’t ya love those numbers?! Will continue to stand for clear lungs, breathing and nutrition increase. He’s really likin’ those times being hugged I’m sure. Love, Dianna XOXO

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