1-06-09: Teething???

Call me and Nurse Denise crazy but we were convinced that Rudy was teething today.  Although it’s a bit early, he was showing the “typical” symptoms of a teething baby and the only thing that would calm him down was gnawing on my finger.  Denise and I were both amazed at how vigorous he “latched” on to the pacifier that Denise custom fit around his ventilator tube…he’s a strong sucker and I sure pray that what we saw today translates smoothly when it comes time to introduce nursing!!  Check out the powerhouse below:

Rudy had a good day in general.  He held steady at 10bpm for most of the day.   During the whole “teething?” episode, he did get himself worked up into a frenzy from which he couldn’t calm down and at that point they bumped the vent up to 24bpm for a couple of hours.  Before long, he was back down to 10bpm and even tolerated two one-hour sprints!!!  It’s 10pm and he just finished another sprint – his third one today.  He’s doing really well.  The plan is to continue with the sprints this week – increasing them gradually with the goal of possibly attempting extubation early next week!  Currently, Rudy is fluid- and infection-free so everyone feels we have a positive window of opportunity right now!

The team has decided to continue to hold off on his feeds until after he is extubated.  In the past, feeds to his gut seemed to add to the fluid issue.  Although Dr. Robert said everyone is anxious get going on the feeds again, the consensus is to focus on extubation and give the lymphatic system a little more time to heal and strengthen.  As of this morning’s xray, Rudy’s left side was completely clear of fluid and the right side had just a small pocket of fluid that was unchanged from previous xrays.  This is encouraging news and I’m praying in advance that when feeds do start back up again, Rudy’s lymphatic AND digestive systems will work GREAT!!!

What strikes me about today is the “normal” baby things that happened for Rudy…time sucking on a pacifier, sleeping in mommy’s arms for almost FIVE hours, crying and being fussy while maintaining good sats and blood pressure…  While the unit was packed and buzzing with activity today,  Rudy and I relished the moments of normalcy that we’ve not experienced yet.  Simple moments I hope never to take for granted!!!!

Mommy and Rudy 1-6-09
Mommy and Rudy 1-6-09



Daddy and Rudy 1-3-09
Daddy and Rudy 1-3-09

24 thoughts on “1-06-09: Teething???

  1. Blessed FIVE hours….so happy for that “normalcy” for you, Trish!!! This upward trend is so encouraging, too! Give Rudy hugs and kisses from us!!!!
    The self-proclaimed “grand-god-mother” (my mom) says to tell you she checks the blog every night and prays for the little cherub. She proudly wears her Rudy bracelet!

    May God continue to give you those beautiful moments in this tough ride!

    Love you more!

  2. It was such a nice start to my morning to see the clip of Rudy with his pacifier! it sounds as if things are really beginning to progress nicely. I check in on Rudy and your family each day and you all remain in my thoughts and prayers daily.

  3. Best short video I’ve seen in a while! So encouraging to us all! Will continue to pray for good breathing, no fluids and a strong sucker! Love you all – including the Santa Barbara crew!

  4. What a great video it is great to watch! Im happy things are plugging along . I continue to pray for Rudy and you all.

  5. That is so exciting and precious. THat video of him “sucking” made teary eyed. Small steps are so huge. Thank you for sharing all of these beautiful moments with us all. Love, Kellly

  6. Okay….the “sucking” video is just the sweetest moment to see! He is the most precious baby. Love, Arleen

  7. that is so fantastic! couldn’t you just stare at that all day? suck, suck, suck. all those amazing little wonders. what wonderful moments.

  8. Such wonderful, simple pleasures, how wonderful to see him doing what he is supposed to do. Your heart must have been so swollen! Congratulations on a “normal” day, well deserved!

  9. Teething! How wonderful! Normal baby activities along with everything else. I continue to pray today for more of those normal baby activities.

  10. This was the perfect preview to our visit! We can’t wait to meet all of you in person. If Rudy keeps going like this he’ll be dancing and fighting off the ladies by the time we get to L.A.! We continue to hope and pray for consistent improvement without the whammies!

  11. Its nice to be reminded that beneath all the tubes and constant flow of doctors and nurses that he is a baby. It kinda makes you just think about Rudy and how he is just doing what comes “natural” to him. At this point he is showing us that he “is” and we love him for that and learn from his incredible patience. We love Rudy. Go Team Geyling!!!

  12. Its nice to be reminded that beneath all the tubes and constant flow of doctors and nurses that he is a baby. It kinda makes you just think about Rudy and how he is just doing what comes “natural” to him. At this point he is showing us that he “is” and we love him for that and learn from his incredible patience. We love Rudy. Go Team Geyling!!!

  13. What a wonderful sight. You can really see what a strong fighter Rudy is. The picture of you and Rudy, Trish, is precious. You are beaming. I won’t stop praying, I promise.

  14. What a thrill to see you holding him, and for 5 hours too! and to read of all the good news. … we love you and keep you in our prayers.
    Andrea, Maya, and Kyra

  15. somehow in life strangers are connected……..prayers for strength and good days are sent to you, your family and Rudy………from a grandma of a HLHS boy{Dawns Mom, Nick’s Grandma{

  16. I’m in Palm Desert for an Ocean Hills leadership retreat that starts tomorrow. A whole flock of geese just went honking by doing what God created them to do. It was a HUGE blessing to read this a.m. that Rudy is doing what God created him to do! Along with giving all of us an opportunity to be on this journey with you. Do you think Honeynut cherrios is a sweet? It was the only thing in the condo for dinner last night!! XO

  17. Wow! Rudy looks so big! (And I am not talking about hsi cheeks). He is really growing and getting stronger! That is great! Glad you had some “normal” moments.

  18. OMG!!! That is so cool! It’s funny how the little things in life are always the big things. This is beyond great news. One step at a time!!

    Love, kisses and hugs!


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