More urgency…

What we hoped would be a peaceful Saturday after a week of too many loops doesn’t seem to be turning out that way.  The nephrology team was just here and they recommended starting Rudy on dialysis.  They looked at the progression of drugs and procedures we’ve had this week and see several shots to the kidneys.  Dr. Rick gave it consideration but decided to hold off.  It’s another one of those debates we see here among the team when it comes to caring for Rudy.  Starting dialysis now would keep toxin levels from becoming dangerously high.  They’re trending up, but not there yet.  But the downside would be that dialysis might take pressure off the kidneys to start functioning and shut them down longer.  Emotionally, putting Rudy on dialysis just feels like a big step backward–another means of support being brought in for another one of the key systems of his body.  For now, the team will be taking frequent labs to watch levels closely in the event they reach a place where there’s no other option but to start dialysis.

In the midst of this, Rudy looks very comfortable and calmly opened his eyes for about 20 minutes while I stroked his head and prayed for him.  The irony of this twist is that both chest tubes are putting out very little of anything.  While we’re not declaring victory over chylothorax yet, things look good–except that we seem to be exchanging one crisis for another.  So, Rudy, I’m not joking anymore…please!!!

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