Good signs as I watch the tube…

Just a quick update…slowly but surely Rudy is making progress since my last post.  I sent a text out to about two dozen people and asked them to pray for Rudy to start peeing and then started to pray myself.  About ten minutes later there was a clear answer in that tube!  Still not out of the woods, but an encouraging sign.  He also had a pretty significant stool which is also a positive sign as it removes the concern that blood isn’t circulating properly in the abdomen.  For now, Dr. Abel will be satisfied with 3ml of urine every hour and for the last two he’s surpassed that.  Please pray that he keeps it up.  Not only for Rudy’s health, but so that I can direct my focus somewhere else.  Nurse Carol is getting concerned about my fixation…

7 thoughts on “Good signs as I watch the tube…

  1. You might get the drift where my attention is, little one .
    Checking the blog every few minutes while I pray, so keep it up
    Rudy you little fighter, we root for you. O+ O

  2. We are checking the blog and continue to pray for every little thing, so it’s good that Rudy is starting to pee. Go, Rudy! You have a lot of bodily fluids to keep track of for such a little guy!

  3. it will defintly be great fun to let Rudy know that at one point in his life he had people praying for him to pee. maybe change the words to an old beatles song.. let him pee ..let him pee …there will be an answer.

  4. With snow on the ground here in Kansas, I’m thinking of a different tune: “Let him pee, let him pee, let him pee….oh the situation there is frightful, but the fluid in the tube is delightful, there are people prayin’ all around, let him pee, let him pee, let him pee!”

    Go Rudy Go!!

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