A Twist to End the Week

While the trip to the cath lab was supposed to be a relatively straightforward procedure late on a Friday afternoon, it’s gotten a bit more involved.  The line they were investigating in his right arm apparently had come out of the vein somewhere down the line and needed to be removed.  The team tried to start another one but immediately saw Rudy bruise up and decided that it was unwise to keep trying there, so they’re starting a groin line.  As they were doing imaging on that side of the body, they also noticed a significant effusion on the left side of his chest (the pleurodesis was on the right), so they’re going to insert a drain there too.  Dr. Brian said he saw some fluid there when he did the pleurodesis and wouldn’t be suprised that some would collect there in the wake of such a procedure, so please pray that’s all it is and that it will clear up quickly with the drain.

I’ll post something when Rudy gets back in the room.  Those loops just seem to keep coming.

5 thoughts on “A Twist to End the Week

  1. I will keep praying for your little baby… he is such a warrior, and he will get through this, again !
    Wishing for a calm week-end of recovery…
    The Groves

  2. I pray that Rudy is back in his room and resting comfortably. Dear Lord, we ask that Rudy will have quiet rest with his Daddy this weekend.

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