The third time was really a charm

004-2football-with-rudyThis holding Rudy thing hasn’t become old hat yet, so forgive me if I gush.  Today was the BEST.  Nurse Barbara proved to be a pro and in a matter of seconds (instead of the previous fussing with wires and tubes) had me and Rudy set up in the recliner.  While previously his heart rate would elevate during the move and it would take several minutes for things to calm down and get in range, today it was very clear that he knew where he was and liked it—never moved much from 160 bpm.  So, we didn’t get just one of those token “hold the baby long enough to take a picture” moments but about 2 ½ hours (or more importantly, almost the entire Giants-Eagles game).  The result of the game wasn’t what we wanted, but it was a proud day of introducing him to the classic discipline close friends and family refer to as “rolfing” (dozing off in the recliner and missing most of the key moments of the game).  Pure bliss.


I got up from our session to find that Rudy had leaked a good bit of chest fluid onto my shirt.  The site where the chest tube was continues to put forth fluid regularly—on the one hand this is good as it doesn’t allow it to collect on his chest and impede his breathing, but it still means that there’s a source from which the fluid is originating.  The team was content to let things trickle for a bit to see if it would subside, but there are concerns about sterility so they’ve called for a surgeon to put in a stitch.  For those who have been praying for this little issue, these next couple of days will be crucial to see if the pleural effusions come back.  We want to be done with chest tubes.


During the switch back from my lap to the bed, Barbara thought to bring in a scale to check Rudy’s weight in a few seconds unplugged from most of the gear.  After a couple of adjustments, she worked it out to 3.89 kilos (8 ½ lbs–2lbs more than at birth).  That means I haven’t been the only one in our family sitting around getting fatter over the last nine weeks.


I hate to tear myself away from Rudy now, but it’s 1pm and we are planning to have a Sunday evening together with Wilson, Max and Olivia before Trish comes back to assume duty here on Monday morning.  I’m leaving here with a great amount of peace, though.  It was so good to see Rudy and to be reminded anew of the masses of people who are with him in this journey.  There are those dedicated souls who have eyes on him around the clock, but also legions supporting him in prayer from far and wide (Rudysbeat went over 50,000 hits this weekend.)  Thanks for being a part of this.



11 thoughts on “The third time was really a charm

  1. What a great picture Rolf! Rudy’s 1st football game with Daddy but there is something missing okay, so which team are we really cheering for? Rudy will need a jersey to wear while watching football with Dad. ha! The human touch is so powerful. God certainly knew this..Jesus put his hand on people when He spoke healing. I think with you and Trish getting to hold him has got to be healing. ….your warmth, your heartbeat, your soothing voice, your soft prayers, and I hope Trish is using her beautiful voice to sing too….he is loving it and soaking it all in! We are all continuing to pray for precious Rudy and you and Trish as well. God Bless, cousin Dianna

  2. Rolf, Trish
    What a cute picture. I am glad that you both have finally gotten to hold him. I am thinking of you all and the beautiful weather there. Outside it is 30 degrees and snow fell on and off today. I wish you a peaceful evening.

  3. Great pic Rolf. You do look very happy. May you get may more opportunities!

    And, yes, the G-men had a bad game. Let’s hope it is the last one this season.

  4. How awesome that his heart rate was peaceful in the transfer!!! I think the pure bliss is all Rudy’s in Mom’s and Dad’s arms…he looks so content.

  5. Rolf, we suggest the Jayhawk t-shirt is probably the best idea yet! Go Jayhawk Rudy. Now you can really get the Kansas crowd cheering for you!!!

    (Forgive me this levity, God. We know You are the reason Rudy is a winner!)

    Stay the course, Rudy, and finish strong.

    P.S. We love you MORE.

  6. no place better than in mommy or daddy’s arms! Rudy really is being prayed for far and wide – talked with Dave Zovak yesteday and even your friends down under are in the prayer loop (of course!)….

    blessings, Linda

  7. Praise God for little boys to hold and watch football with!! I fell asleep on our couch watching football too and our little Gabe (almost 4) crawled up to sleep beside me! It’s healing for Moms and Dads too!! Go little Rudy, keep encouraging those great parents of yours!!. You all are in our prayers and thoughts. We send our love continually!!
    Marjorie for us 5 Haleys

  8. We all gathered around the computer to praise God that Rudy had a chance to feel the love of the Father vicariously through the human arms of his daddy…powerful picture! Standing trustingly on our knees…

  9. A nurse once said to me after our grandson heart surgery{HLHS} talk to him, he’ll know your voice, when I did, his numbers climbed, she laughed and said ok, that’s enough……..they know your voice and touch………LOVE…….prayers from a HLHS grandma, Diana

  10. I am so excited for you! I read this at the end of the day and it is a wonderful way to wrap it up for the evening. God is so good.

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