The only thing better than holding Rudy once…

Is holding him twice!!  This is so new that Trish and I are likely going to keep score on this for awhile, but today Nurses Gladys and Rosella got things set up so I could sit with him by myself without anyone needing to be nearby holding a hose.  We had a precious hour together where I found myself praying that the impact of each minute in my arms would be multiplied beyond what it actually was.  After nine weeks of lying only on an unmoving bed, it must be a very new sensation to lie against another breathing person.  Thanks for celebrating with us in this new development and please continue to pray that no tubes need to be inserted–as much as everyone here believes that babies should be held, his safety and medical needs come first.

It’s been a quiet day here today and the plan set forth was followed–get fluid off of Rudy and let him rest.  So far, the chest looks clear but we still could use prayer.  Rudy’s gone a few days with a clear chest when the tube came out previously, only to have the fluid return.  We’re being guarded and realistic–he doesn’t need to turn any corners quickly, he just needs to continue making progress along his current trajectory and we’ll be very happy.  The next steps will come.

As I have come to expect, the staff here has been almost as concerned for my comfort as for Rudy’s.  I get regular inquiries on my back which seems to be holding up well with meds, heat and the rest of my regimen.  Only when one is a bit hobbled does one realize how significant distances can be around here.  It’s a big building and an even longer trek to the parking lot, places to eat, etc.  So even as I’ve been pacing myself, I was very grateful to come across a crutch leaning up in a remote corner at about 11pm last night.   Let him who is without sin cast the first stone, but the prospect of having something to lean on felt pretty good to me.  Maybe someday I’ll research what the policy on loaning medical equipment is ahere at the hospital, but for the time being I just assumed and availed myself of its use.  For the record, I owe UCLA one crutch.  It will be returned to exactly where I found it unless someone contacts me sooner with a suitable description and the location in which it was found.  My conscience is relatively clean on the matter, though at about 3am I suddenly wondered if someone who really needed the crutch left it there, returned to find it gone and had to crawl back to their room.  I was concerned enough that I ran my thinking by a doctor I feel is of sufficient rank (I won’t name names) this morning and he did not find it problematic, but for some reason also wanted to make sure I knew that the hospital also has a very good psychiatric facility.

So good to be here with Rudy today and a fun visit from our friends Scott and Jamie.  From the phone calls home, it sounds like the kids are eating up every minute with Mom.  That’s it for now.  I’ll spend a few more hours here before I leave Rudy in Nurse Dawn’s cheerful and competent care.

7 thoughts on “The only thing better than holding Rudy once…

  1. Rudy must be in 7th heaven…his two favorite people in the whole world enveloping his little body. We’ll be praying for that no more chest tube will be needed.

  2. Rolf, you and Trish write so that we can feel your moments with Rudy. Strength and prayers for the little one and for you and Trish as you begin another week.

  3. dear rudy and mommy and daddy i hope rudy ges betr an you an daddy cum bac soon an sleep and we can play with rudy good nite litte ajle rudy big buty boy sleep sleep sleep go rudy go rudy rudy rudy

    (Dear Rudy and mommy and daddy i hope rudy gets better and you and daddy come back soon and sleep and we can play with rudy good nite little angel rudy big buddy boy sleep sleep sleep go rudy go rudy rudy rudy) – courtesy of wilson

  4. Hey Little One! I know that there is a healing touch in laying in Mommy and Daddy’s arms. The comfort and warmth of feeling skin-to-skin contact is necessary, and I believe you will heal faster being able to nestle in with your parents.

    I know you are trying to get better every day, honey, and we are all praying that our Lord is placing his healing hand upon you and helping your doctors know what to do to help you.

    You are a strong one, Rudy! Keep on trucking, Babykins! I think you are on the right track now and every day will see you growing stronger!

    Much Love!!

  5. Our visit with Rolf and Rudy was the highlight of the weekend. Having Rudy grab ahold of my finger for a good piece of time was a gift to my heart. We are praying with new intensity for all the Geylings, knowing first-hand that extended suffering takes its toll. Rolf and Trish, we love you amazing people.

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