A Special Visit

Marlin and Grace
Marlin and Grace

Now, I don’t want to take away from the “specialness” of any of the visits we’ve had from friends because we sure appreciate those who have come to meet our little man but yesterday’s visit from Grace was particularly sweet.  Gracie and her husband Marlin are dear friends of ours from the “San Diego” chapter of my life and we have enjoyed watching their family (which includes Nate, Josh, Luke and CeCe) do life together for the past 18 years.  Rolf and I have not only enjoyed their friendship all these years, but we have also appreciated their example of loving Jesus, serving the community around them and, most of all, in raising a family that does the same. 

Because of our deep love and respect for the whole VanNortwick family (affectionately known as the Van Clan), we’ve asked Grace and Marlin to be Rudy’s godparents.  We started the tradition of “adopting” godparents for our kids when Wilson was born in the hopes that these dear friends would commit to pray for our kids, to be an extra source of counsel, love and encouragement in their lives and to help us be better parents.  For that reason, we chose friends who are all at different stages in life bringing with them a variety of unique life experiences to speak into our family’s life.  It has been a rich experience for us to have these dear friends (some close by and some far away) a part of our extended family.  So as we honor Rudy’s godparents on “Rudy’s Beat”, we take time to thank all of you as well for your investment in our family – especially during this amazing test of endurance and patience…for your sacrifice of time in reading the blog and in praying…AND for your cherished friendship!


The Gallery of Godparents…

The Van Clan (sans Nate)
The Van Clan (sans Nate)


Nate VanNortwick
Nate VanNortwick
The Drummonds (sans Kristina)
The Drummonds (sans Kristina)

6 thoughts on “A Special Visit

  1. Thanks all of you dear ones for your love and support to our Trish and her family. You are one special group of giving, caring, and sharing people. Love to each of you from Grandma Jo and Grandpa Dick whose lives have been enhanced for having known you. God Bless You and Yours.

  2. This is a mazing that people have surrounded you with such a group of family, and friends that offer a very much needed support and encouragement everyday…
    Rudy loks so adorable with his cheeks, and I pray for him to keep gaining strength for the next set of procedures he needs to go through.
    Richard, my husband, also sends all his love to your little munchkin !
    Love and peace from KY…
    Faith and Richard Groves

  3. Dearest Rudy! I can’t tell you how tickled pink Mr. Marlin and I were to be asked to be your god-parents!!! I can’t wait for the day when we can hold you in our arms! Mr. Marlin has a cool, snuggly way for holding babies! We love you so much and pray for you at every meal and at every bedtime and on every walk. To see you so small and fragile breaks our hearts, but we just know that in time you will bang on Wilson’s drums, pull Olivia’s hair, and have sword fights with Max. One day your mom and dad will have to tell you to pipe it down….well maybe they’ll never have the heart to tell you that!
    Meanwhile your mom and dad have had this big long wait. I can’t tell you how you lucked out with parents like you have!!! God knew what he was doing! They have so much self-less love and patience and a strength that can only be divine.
    Your mom wrote a song about 17 years ago that we still sing in our church. As we sang it last Sunday I thought of how this song reveals the heart of your dear mother and reveals her Source of strength. Maybe someday you can sing it with her.

    In all my weakness You are strong
    In all my victories You’re glorified
    And like a song that fills my heart with comfort
    Your love fills my heart with peace

    In every pain You are my help
    In every joy You are my laughter
    And through it all my Spirit longs to worship You
    To lift my hands and praise Your name

    Hallelujah, my Father!
    Hallelujah, my Friend!
    Hallelujah, My God and King!
    Hallelujah, My Own.

    Isn’t that beautiful, Rudy? You mom and dad do not walk this long wait alone and you, little handsome will also never be alone. How the Father loves us and has so much comfort and fun prepared for us!!

    With lots of love and Canadian hugs,
    your undeserving god-parents.
    p.s. We do not have wings….sorry to diappoint you…we travel by Nissan.

  4. Tricia, what a wonderful therapy! I am convinced that being cradled in your loving arms is one of the best treatments Rudy could ever get.

    Dear Lord,
    Bring the time of trial to an end quickly with great physical improvement and wellness throughout Rudy’s body! Show your power, Lord. Bless and protect Tricia, Rolf, and the siblings with peace and joy.

    In Jesus name.

  5. Awwww… we made it to Rudy’s Blog! We feel so honored! And so happy to be part of the Geyling Clan! We love you guys!

    We are so happy you got to hold Rudy! Mommy therapy, sure, but probably even better for Rudy! Who doesn’t need mom’s touch!?

  6. Dear Sweet Trish-I am completely convinced that Rudy just needed for you to hold him! Didn’t some scientist prove that idea a long time ago? Loved your photos of all of the god parents. You have a wonderful extended family! We continue to pray and are blessed by Rudy’s Beat. Love, Judy and Brent

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