Chest Tube-less for a Night!

a shot during a tape change
a shot during a tape change

‘Got a glimpse of Rudy’s precious cheeks today during a vent tube tape change…made me want to climb up into his crib and snuggle those yummy cheeks!   Well, Rudy sure had a hard time settling down today.  At the time of my last post this morning, the RT and his nurse were monitoring him closely after an episode where his heart rate plunged and his breathing was quite labored.  They suctioned his ventilator tube which normally helps calm him down but today he continued to struggle for his breaths.  They then tried to sedate him a bit but that didn’t help either.  Dr. Rick came in, examined him, and ordered an x-ray.  The x-ray showed that his chest tube was not positioned correctly and about to come out.  He felt the best course of action was to remove the tube and see what happens to the fluid in his chest overnight…he wants to give Rudy the night to work some magic and possibly absorb the fluid proving that he doesn’t need the chest tube anymore.  If the fluid does build up again then they will put a new, fresh chest tube drain in tomorrow.  So he’ll be chest tube-less for one night at least.  It goes without saying, though, that it would be WONDERFUL if the fluid found its own way out of Rudy’s chest.    The medical team was in and out a good bit all day and my dear friend, Grace, asked “Is it always this busy in here”.  Nope, not always…

Rudy and Grace
Rudy and Grace

9 thoughts on “Chest Tube-less for a Night!

  1. This kid just keeps getting cuter by the minute – I can’t stand seeing another picture without getting to squeeze him…and I’m so glad Grace got to hang out with him!!! And you.

  2. Oh my! What beautiful hair he has! I think it will be quite curly! I have been praying for Rudy all morning as I dressed and put on my Rudy bracelet. Last night at a church gathering I was at least three Rudy bracelets there–one on Oma. I suspect that she is handing them out all over the place and gathering in the “pray-ers” for Rudy.

  3. Words just cannot express our feelings when we see this sweet child and hear of his struggles. He needs mommie’s milk and cuddling and I know how you yearn for that to be a reality, Trish. I also know it was the right day for Grace to be with you when you needed a good friend. Those who have supported you in so many ways have our eternal thanks and admiration…Rudy’s professional team, the Goleta neighbors, teachers and friends, Rolf’s staff and board members, Wilson, Max and Livy Jo who are trying to cope, the hospital visitors, and the prayer warriors all around the world who are so faithful. Surely our Lord is orchestrating all of this activity to show His love for you as we trust and wait on Him. Thanks to all. We love you, little Rudy. We love you, Trish.

  4. Okay Clinton Rudy (alias Chubby Cheeks), lets show them what you are made of tough guy. Breath deep, slow and strong in the name of Jesus. Fluid be gone in Jesus name. Precious Heavenly Father continue to comfort your precious Rudy without the chest tube in the mightly name of Jesus. We love you and praise you Lord. Amen. Trish and Rolf….Rudy is just too cute! He is the best looking elf I’ve ever seen! Love and hugs, XOXO Cousin Dianna

  5. What a beautiful sight to see you ,Trish,holding the little guy! I think it made a difference for both of you! It certainly made my day! Blessings on the Geyling clan as you move forward with Rudy’s recovery.The CA Bible group of ladies have you in our circle of prayer.

  6. Whoorraaay for Mommy power! All of that LOVE has, and will do wonders for Rudy. That kind of contact has been proven to work wonders for new babies. Trish you are tracking– (with that still, SMALL, voice.) Doc., you ROCK! More LORD!

  7. Trish & Rolf,
    I have been looking for a sitter for Benjamin and I just met ‘Krysta’ who is a beautiful, healthy 20 year old who will be watching him for us. She will celebrate on the 29th of December 20yrs of health after a heart transplant! She had the same condition..Hypoplasic Left Heart…forgive my spelling! She was so interested in Rudy! Wanted all the details and said she would pray for him! So hopeful! Big squeeze from us…go Rudy go!
    Shawn, Krista & Ben

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