Mommy Therapy

Today was a full day…after a challenging day yesterday, Rudy continued to struggle today with an inconsistent heart rate and labored breathing.  At one point he broke into a cold sweat and his coloring turned for the worse…it was unsettling to watch him.  On the other hand, today’s chest xray showed some fluid build-up in his chest but not enough to need another chest drain so for now he remains tube-less!!!  The night team will watch him closely and if his chest starts to look bigger or his respiratory condition worsens, they’ll reconsider.  For several weeks now we’ve been battling a triple threat…Rudy’s low thyroid function, the fluid in his chest AND malnutrition.  Based on the most recent test results, the thyroid treatment he has been on has increased his thyroid function, his malnutrition numbers have improved and, as I’ve already explained, the fluid is still an issue but getting better so, in general, I think we are moving forward.  Why he has struggled so the past couple of days, I’m not sure, but I’m not going to let it distract me from the slow progress he is making and I’m praying that it is just a temporary hiccup.

We did get to add a long-awaited element to Rudy’s treatment plan today…a little something I like to call “Mommy Therapy”!  I’ve been unable to hold Rudy all this time mainly because of his ET (ventilator) tube and his chest tubes but because he didn’t have his chest tube anymore, I got the nerve up to ask Dr. Dan if I could hold Rudy joking that my holding him was probably the missing link in his ability to get well.  Dr. Dan consulted good ol’ Dr. Rick who gave his okay without skipping a beat and this afternoon I held Rudy (with the help of nurses Alisa and Amy)  for about 45 minutes!  It was wonderful and you know what?  During the entire time I held him, Rudy was calm and his heart rate didn’t dip once…maybe I AM the missing link!!!!!  Ha  Well, this special moment just happened to be taking place while the doctors did their afternoon rounds so Dr. Brian stepped in briefly to see what was going on…as he turned and left the room he said, “That made my day!”.   You can bet it made mine too!! 

I’m so sorry Daddy wasn’t here to share in the moment but maybe he’ll get his turn next as he is feeling a bit better and is planning to make the drive down tomorrow.  Today was another day filled with lots of different emotions but it is ending with a baby boy resting comfortably in his crib and a Mama by his side with a full heart!

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29 thoughts on “Mommy Therapy

  1. yipeeeeeeeee! i’m so glad you go to have that special moment and there’s no doubt that being held by momma made him feel safe & relaxed!

  2. Trish that makes my heart so happy…I have thought and prayed about that for weeks…I hope Rudy and you get that therapy everyday.

  3. Trish you and Rudy are so beautiful together! I would agree with you,
    there is nothing better than Mommy Therapy, for the both of you. Hang in
    there Mom…I hope to see you soon.

  4. Yeah – isn’t there lots of research out there about the human touch and babies thriving? How very wonderful!!! This will get lazy Rolf off his back for sure.

  5. A baby needs to be held by his mommy. How cosy and secure Rudy must have felt for those minutes! I pray that you and he get much more of that. The Bialeks love you all and pray daily for you.

  6. Mommy therapy to the rescue! How come the doctors didn’t think of that? What a sweet gift to you both.

  7. Awww… you are blooming while holding him ! He is so sweet, and I am so happy you got to hold your baby for that long !
    Glad to see that he is tube-free !
    Love you all !
    Faith and Richard Groves

  8. Babies are always happier in their Mom’s arms! I’m so happy that you were able to give Rudy the medicine that he needed the most – YOU!!! 🙂 Hopefully you will be able to continue that therapy often.

  9. What a wonderful sight. You look so happy. It was worth waiting 9 weeks to hold your beautiful son. Mom and I are so proud of you and you look beautiful. What a memorable day in the life of Rudy and his Mommy. Love, Dad

  10. This is the best news! I’m so excited! I’ll pray about the chest fluid for sure so they don’t need to put that tube back in and you all can have more of these times. Love to you! I am so happy for Rudy and for you! I hope Rolf gets his turn today too!

  11. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful moment with us. I know Rudy LOVED being all snuggled up in your arms. He is old enough now to know that you love him so much and he felt secure in that love. I’m still praying for all of you–sat with Oma at Mass this a.m. and we prayed up a storm!

  12. This is a very exciting picture! I am so glad that you got the opportunity to hold Rudy. I hope that happens a lot more often. You look so beautiful Trish!

  13. Oh Trish what a wonderful moment! That’s exactly what little Rudy needed. ..cuddling by his Mommy, hearing your heartbeat, your voice and warm touch I’m sure was what made his heart just hummmmmmmm. God is so good! We praise you Jesus! Love, Dianna

  14. Oh my Gosh!!!!Thank you Jesus for your wonderful love. Trish I am soooooo happy that you got to hold your precious little guy. This has made my entire day!!! Thanks and God bless………………….

  15. Hi Geylings – I’m one of your many silent subscribers. The first thing I do each morning is read Rudy’s Beat. I’m certain that Mommy Therapy is going to do wonders for you all. It is not surprising in the least that Rudy’s little heart did so well while wrapped in your arms. I’m praying for many more hours of parent-to-Rudy-contact.

  16. A picture is worth a thousand words! These certainly are. Mommy Therapy is the best medicine going. Give Rudy lots more of it! Trish, you look like you are in 7th Heaven.

  17. OH MY GOSH! for days i have been impressed with the notion of how much good it might do Rudy if you could only just HOLD him. and several of my friends that we share your news with have made similar comments. i am so elated to read that you have been given the okay to do so! yeah! yeah! yeah!!!!! good job working up the nerve to ask Trish! good for you!

  18. It must have made Rudy’s day too! We’re so happy for you both and we continue to pray for the whole family!

  19. I too shed some tears as I read your story of getting up the nerve to ask to hold him, and then for the docs to agree that it was a good idea! YEAH!!!! Oh Trish, I’m sure this did both you and Rudy a LOT of good! How wonderful that they are letting the bonding happen between you two in a new way! I’ll bet he thought “YES! I finally get to be held by this beautiful woman who is always here…now this ROCKS!” 🙂

    Blessings to you all for a weekend of great progress!

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