Happy 9-week Birthday!

lil elfPoor thing!  Nurses Gladys and Angeli and I turned Rudy into our own version of a “Build-A-Bear” elf yesterday while I nervously awaited the call for transport to the cath lab.  I was actually feeling very relaxed and confident most of the day…there really wasn’t any reason to be nervous but there was an adreneline rush let down after-the-fact which made me realize I was a little wound-up. 

Yesterday was also a big day for our friends, the Elliots.  Their little Logan took up residence in the CTICU 5 days after Rudy so we had 8+ weeks to bond with Rayme, Brett and their family while Logan was successfully treated for a serious heart condition.  We celebrate their discharge yesterday and since they are fellow Santa Barbarians, Rudy is looking forward to many playdates with Logan in the future.  Congratulations Logan!!  We miss you but are so thankful for your progressing recovery!!!



Rudy is 9 weeks old today.  His hair is starting to lighten and curl up a bit on the ends.  It makes me wonder if he will have ringlets like Wilson or wavy hair like Max.  He slept comfortably last night and was alert early this morning.  Given the results of yesterday’s heart cath, the plan is to start weaning him again off the vent.  They started very slow this morning taking his bpm down to 30 from 32 – not a huge change but he doesn’t seem to be tolerating it very well right now.  The nurse and RT are standing at his bedside monitoring him closely until he settles down.  Boy, is he agitated!  (Much like his Daddy who is at home still unable to find a comfortable position to get some much needed rest).

So, we continue to wait for that breakthrough in the fluid flow and in his ability to wean the vent.  The numbers that chart his nutrition progress are on the rise so that’s a plus.  I’ll let you know how he’s doing later this afternoon…

Mad Elf
Mad Elf
Mad Elf 2
Mad Elf 2

14 thoughts on “Happy 9-week Birthday!

  1. Hi im sonia, im a friend of Cesar. We met when i went to go visit cesar. I just wanted to let you know that im praying for Rudy. I hope everything goes great. I know he’ll be fine soon and i cant wait to see the blog that says he home : ) well take care and im praying

  2. Oh my, when will this handsome baby be off all the meds that are causing this swelling. We pray for wisdom for his medical team, strength for him and mommie, and a jump off the plateau to more encouraging happenings. We wish we could fix it…..love to you both.

  3. Hi Trish,
    Still thinking of you and praying for you all. I wish I could get over to see you more often. I miss you so much! Rudy is quite the stylish one in his elf-wear. Hope everyone is healthy at home, we just had a tummy bug go through…
    Much love.

  4. What a darling little elf he makes. I just want to give him a little hug! Had Mass, prayers and breakfast with Helga this morning and got to hear more about all of you. Helga and I sat in the front row of church with our blue bracelets on. She handed out a couple to friends, so we will have a whole crew wearing our blue bracelets and sitting up on the front row praying for y’all. I pray every time I look at my blue bracelet and whenever anyone asks about it, I ask them to pray also.

  5. Someday, about 13-14 years from now, Rudy is going to be looking at these pictures and saying in a cracking voice, “Mommmmmmm! Why did you keep dressing me up in all those ridiculous outfits….what was I, you’re little baby doll or something?!?! I mean Geeez!”

    And you will calmly, reflectively, and perhaps a bit wistfully, reply, as you gaze up into his eyes, “Yes, Rudy, you indeed were my little baby doll.”

    Looking forward to and praying earnestly for that day!

  6. I LOVE Elf Rudy! And Cruz still remembers the promise that Rudy’s coming up here to visit…Nuestra casa es tu casa, Rodolfo…

  7. Yes, he is very cute in the outfit, but somehow I don’t think he’ll see it that way when he is a teenager! Keep on pushin’ Rudy.

  8. I’m with Uncle Steve and Katie Manning. I think Rudy is going to pay you back BIG time for these pics! But they brought a smile to my face.

    Toni W. at Fuller saw my blue bracelet yesterday and asked if it was a “Rudy” bracelet. I proudly said, sure is. You need to get yours soon and wear it to remind you to pray too! Ben, Grandpa Bobby, and I proudly wear ours and pray every time we look at our blue bracelets.

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