A Quick Trip Home

I’ll be heading home to Santa Barbara early in the morning so our family can attend the annual Rescue Mission Thanksgiving Feast together.  We’ll get our fill of turkey and stuffing tomorrow and then we’ll all return to UCLA early Thursday morning to spend the holiday with Rudy!  There will be alot of back and forth between Santa Barbara and LA the rest of this week but I’m excited for our family to spend it’s first holiday all together.  The ICU staff is going to have a potluck on Thursday to which we have been invited so we’ll enjoy some fun with our newfound friends that day as well.

Rudy slept most of today away…comfortably with little pain medication.  He battled a fever yesterday and this morning so he’s back on antibiotics but, all in all, everything else is about the same.  Have I mentioned lately that his heart function is great!?  Ironically, all the setbacks and complications he has had haven’t been related to his heart which is encouraging to me from a “long term” perspective.  If we stay here much longer, he’ll be ready for the second open heart surgery known as the Glen!!!!  But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

On the eve of his 8 week birthday I’m struck at how vivid and blurry the past two months are in my mind…at how exhausted and energized I am…at how hopeful and discouraged I feel and at how thankful I am in the midst of it all!  There are a ton of conflicting emotions swirling around but at the end of the day, I look over at the little man in the crib beside me and am amazed to be mom to such a special baby boy.

18 thoughts on “A Quick Trip Home

  1. Love and blessings to you Trish and your family. Travel well; enjoy being together. Special prayers for little Rudy.

  2. Another amazing day. I am so glad you will all be together on Thanksgiving and even for the simple thing that gas prices are lower as you are having lots of drives back and forth.

    I don’t comment much, but I read the blog every day and you all are in my prayers.

  3. I am so THANKFUL God gave Rudy such WONDERFUL parents. They gave him life and now they give abundant love. Thank you God!

  4. How right you are Trish…I can’t believe how you guys are reacting to your family’s situation. All of us “onlookers” can only pray we avail ourselves of God’s grace like you guys are to be able to carry on so strongly in tough times. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL THE GEYLING CLAN – The Eusebio family is SO thankful for you.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope your weekend together is full of rest and blessings. You two are an inspiration in your perseverance and faithfulness. So is Rudy, of course. Lots of love,
    Maria & Doug

  6. We give thanks for your goodness to the Geyling family God. We give thanks for the strength and courage that you give them each day. We give thanks for the miracle of life and your sustaining love, grace and mercy. We just give thanks because your are God and we are not. We give thanks.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Geylings as you gather tomorrow. We had our breakfast today (Pat, Marlowe, Joan and Vicki) after praying for y’all at Mass, and we pulled up a chair for Helga–just to let her know that she was in our thoughts and prayers. Enjoy your time together! You remain in our prayers.

  8. HAPPY THANKSGIVING ROLF, TRISH, WILSON, MAX, LIVY JO AND HELGA. We will be spending the day awaiting Rick and Leslie as they drive from Indianapolis. We will enjoy a quiet day at home as Steve’s join friends near them. Then the Wilson’s will gather at Steve and Michelle’s on Saturday to celebrate together. We wish you could be with us, too. Grandpa Dick is tolerating his radiation and oral chemo very well with minimal side effects and has a great attitude. I continue to feel good, so we know God is blessing us with strength and coping skills. We sense the same in you. W do have much for which to be grateful this day of thanks. Love to all.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving, Geylings! We’ll be thinking of you often today as we express our gratitude for the many ways God has blessed our family. Most of all I’m thankful for being able to face the challenges we do knowing that God is in control of our circumstances and is using them for a purpose that isn’t always crystal clear but is certainly and undeniably good. What a gift!!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!

  10. You guys are the best cousins ever known to man!!!!!!!!!! I hope Max is totally beasting the other guys at football. I love you all! Love Michael

  11. Happy Thanksgiving Geylings. My family came to Normal and I had a chance to show them the photos and the blog. My folks say hello and we will include all of you in our prayers today. Que se vayan con Dios.–Ron

  12. Dear Rolf, Trish, Max, Wilson, Oliva and little Rudy..
    Happy Thanksgiving and may God continue giving you the strength and peace throughout this journey with Rudy. You truly are a blessing and inspiration of faith!!!

    Love always,

  13. Rudy, good morning and Happy Thanksgiving. God bless you all.
    According to my sources on 10/1, you weighed in at a whoppping 6.32#,
    and were 21.3″ standing tall, and that was a comendable start. Where do
    you – excuse the pun – stand now? Yes, Rudy, we are paying attention!
    Don’t worry about missing the turkey and stuff(ing?) this year; by the
    time your my age it gets a bit routine. May you and your family have a
    quiet and peaceful day together.
    With all my heart, steve

  14. Happy Thanksgiving to the Geylings! The turkey is in the oven, cousin Joey is watching his Titans….b o r i n g. Tis a bit lopsided game. We have so much to be thankful for and our hearts and prayers are with you all on this day of thanks. I hope you all are enjoying your visit with precious Rudy…and next year Rudy, it’ll be real turkey at home with your wonderful family. Yea! Love to you all and have a blessed Thanksgiving! Hugs and Kisses XOXO God is so good!

  15. Happy Thanksgiving Geylings!!!
    What an inspiration you are to those who are watching you live out your lives yielded to Jesus! His grace is abundantly evident in you all…”for when I am weak then I am strong.” May the Lord continue to shower you with grace and thanksgiving as you remember your many blessings! I count it a priviledge
    to call you our friends. Rudy you have the BEST family!! Have a wonderful
    day enjoying each other and our Lord! Blessings to you…Ann D.for the clan

  16. Geylings- On this Thanksgiving Day we remembered being in the hospital 12 years ago with our little one and gave thanks for how big and strong she has grown.

    Living in dual universes is amazingly challenging for any amount of time let alone eight weeks. Adding the day to day and hour to hour uncertainties just ramps up the surreal factor. Please know that we are praying for His peace which passes all understanding to guard all of your hearts and minds and for protection for all of you from illness.

    “Cast your burdens on the Lord and He will sustain you. He will never suffer the righteous to be moved. As for me I will call on God, and the Lord will hear me.”

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