Chipmunk Cheeks

chipmunk cheeks 2chipmunk cheeksI’d like to report that Rudy’s chunky cheeks are due to him packing on the pounds but they’re actually a product of the steroids he’s on!  Not much changed in Rudy’s condition today…he was more alert and awake most of the day which was good to see but he was also upset (doing his silent cry) most of his waking hours which was hard to watch.  I’m not sure what to report…on Mondays there is a “changing of the guard”, so to speak, when a fresh medical team takes the reins for the week.  As a result, Rudy’s condition and course of treatment are seen at the start of each week with a fresh set of eyes which is good but it can also be a little confusing when perspectives differ from one attending doctor to the next regarding what direction the treatment could/should go.  For now, Rudy is holding steady with full support and no feeds to his gut but there was talk today of agressively pursuing extubation again this week which contradicts the plan over the weekend to not sprint or wean him off the ventilator for another week or so.  ‘Not quite sure what will transpire this week but we’ll continue to ask our questions and try to make sense of all the medications and lab tests…the positive and negative numbers…the c.c.s and various kinds of fluids we want and don’t want, etc…  And, of course, in the midst of it all, we’ll not forget to love on our little chipmunk while praying for a breakthrough!!!  🙂

14 thoughts on “Chipmunk Cheeks

  1. Sure, he’s puffy, but as he grows older you can clearly see the family resemblences…what a handsome little boy!! We are still hoping, praying, and thinking of you all. We’re here if you need to vent.

  2. Hi Trish,

    Just a note to say we’re thinking of you. Austin saw a commercial for batteries in which Mattel Children’s Hospital was mentioned, and he shouted out, “that’s where Rudy is!” Every day he wants to see the pics on the blog of Rudy. We are praying away for you all, hoping this is a breakthrough week, and for God to sustain you all through His joy. Love and hugs!

  3. I love his chubby cheeks !
    I can’t wait for him to get past these times ! We’ll keep you in prayers, especially this Thanksgiving time… Love you very much !
    The Groves

  4. So much change I bet you feel like a ship being tossed to and fro. Rudy looks so cute and yes very handsome.When he reads all of this when he is older it will be quite funny.Look forward to that…..Well see you tomorrow!!!

  5. Precious, Rudy. Chipmunk cheeks? Deny it if you want to. Grandpa Dick denies that he is getting a bit of a tummy but maybe he can blame it on the steroids, too. You both deserve to cry so don’t apologize for that.
    Love you, honey…………Grandma Jo

  6. I think he looks adorable like that! Oh little Rudy! Yes, we will keep praying for that breakthrough. And remember Trish, all babies cry, and some a lot!!! Maybe not all his silent cry sessions are from discomfort, but just communicating with his Mama…

  7. Trish, I have finally taken the time to read every entry and there are not words. Rudy is one tough fighter. What an emotional roller coaster for you… and during it all, God is with you. What an awesome God we serve. Well… Mr. Rudy, alias Chubby Cheeks, hang in there little guy. God is with you. I want to meet you and kiss those chubby cheeks so bad. Dear precious heavenly Father continue to be with little Rudy in every breath giving him strength. Guide the doctors and nurses with steady hands and continue to give them the wisdom they need for every decision that is made regarding Rudy’s care. We know you Lord are in control. Please continue to show grace and love on this beautiful family which we love so much. We love you Lord, we praise you and give you all the glory and honor, in Jesus name. Amen.

  8. Give his adorable cheeks a squeeze for me! I will pray that with all the different eyes that look over your precious baby that God will shine His eyes through to the docs for direction!

    We love you!

    Shawn, Krista Sue and Ben

  9. We are praying with you for a breakthrough…what a long journey this has been. Rudy, we pray these new docs know what to do to help you get out of that place…and we’re sure you would love to go home with your family. May they have wisdom to know just the right combination of things to do.

    Give your Mom a wink for us, OK? (with those big beautiful eyes of yours)

    Love and blessings to all of you…and we’re praying without ceasing!

  10. Hey, who cares about the cheeks? Most of the men in my family would give their hollowed cheeks for that head of hair! We give thanks for you and your family this weekend!

  11. As you look toward tomorrow, we know the Geyling Family will be praising God for his mercies, wisdom and strength you’ve received these past days. Rudy is in the hands of our Saviour, so WE know we can stand and proclaim our THANKFULNESS for all things.

  12. Oh Big Boy! You are growing! Not such a little baby anymore!

    Unfortunately, no turkey for you THIS year, but next year, I bet Mama will put some in the blender with a little mashed potato and you are going to love it!

    Praying that this will be a week of positive breakthroughs for you, Little One! It would be so great to see you get some nutrition through your feeding tube and see you off the vent. We will be thinking of you and your family at our Thanksgiving Table and remembered in prayer.

    Much Love!!

  13. Hi Trish & Rolf,
    You all are the 1st on my list to contact since I just got my 1st computer
    last week. Michelle shares all the precious pics and stories w/me. I’m
    looking forward to the day I can give sweet Rudy a big squeeze. It will be a celebration when he arrives in Kansas to meet his cousins. Love to are in my prayers. I will hug your folks for you soon after “turkey day”…gobble gobble…love from me

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