Happy Thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving
happy thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving dear friends and family!  Now, I don’t want to dwell on the negative but I do have to admit that I woke up this morning pretty ungrateful…I was having a hard time mustering up a thankful heart.  All I wanted for Thanksgiving was to have my whole family together…I wasn’t asking that it be on my terms at home with a big, fancy dinner…Rudy’s room in the CTICU would be fine as long as we were all together.  Well, I knew at about 6pm last night that that wasn’t going to happen when the chiropractor instructed me to take Rolf directly to the ER because his back pain was so intense he couldn’t administer his treatment.  Off we went to the hospital in Goleta…

It was clear once we got Rolf home and settled for the night that he wouldn’t be riding in a car to LA the next day.  So, this morning Max, Livy and I loaded up the car for our day away and left Rolf and Wilson to fend for themselves at home.  I was heartbroken as I drove away and just, plain mad that the day was unfolding the way it was.

We arrived to find Rudy awake and alert with Oma by his side.  We got the quick report on Rudy from nurse Carina (things are about the same, by the way) and the kids settled into “Rudy’s room routine” all too quickly with great familiarity…put down bags, wash hands, put on antibacterial gel, pat Rudy on the head, play with his crib toys, draw on the white board, get out books and game boy, draw pictures, etc, etc…

And then a sweet thing happened…I read my devotional for today and this quote jumped out at me “Let thankfulness rule in your heart.  As you thank Me for blessings in your life, a marvelous thing happens.  It is as if scales fall off your eyes, enabling you to see more and more of My glorious riches.”.  My heart broke again…I’ve loved Jesus for over 35 years and today was the first day I can remember that I chose to wake up and NOT see ANY of God’s goodness…and I mean NOT ANY!  I know better (!) so I started my list and like scales falling off my eyes, the more I listed, the more of God’s glorious riches I saw.  I obviously have so very much for which I’m thankful but sometimes disappointment can get the best of us and we fall victim to the things in life that try so hard to steal our joy and feeling of hope.  I’m ending the day very different than how I started it…I’m sitting at my baby’s bedside thankful he turned 8 weeks old yesterday, thankful too for the amazing Thanksgiving feast we shared with the staff, residents, volunteers and homeless guests at the Rescue Mission yesterday, for our friend Cesar who got to go home yesterday, for Oma who so generously gave us the past 8 weeks of her time and energy to help in the wake of Rudy’s arrival (we’re going to miss you Oma!!), for the simple joy of decorating Rudy’s room today with Christmas lights and the dancing Christmas tree, for Wilson making his dad a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch after calling me for step-by-step instructions,  for our dear friends whose surprise visit today brought so much encouragement, for Wilson, Max and Olivia who are weary but persevering in our journey with Rudy with great understanding and for Rolf who makes me laugh through tears…making life a little less heavy!  Oh, you get the picture…my list is endless and the night nurse is about to start her shift.  It’s time to leave.    We’re off to Santa Barbara for the weekend to take care of Daddy and trim our own Christmas tree…Rudy will be in good hands for a couple of days!  As always, thank you for loving our Rudy so much and supporting our family through your prayers…something for which we’re ALL thankful!

Fun with Max and Olivia
Fun with Max and Olivia



Max kiss







Rudy's tree

17 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Oh Trish….I’m with you….I was just reading about having my eyes “enlightened” so I would know the hope….I”m so grateful God gave you the eyes to see today all the beautiful things in your life.

    And for those yucky things…..we will pray for Rolf’s pain, and for progress for Rudy and continued perseverence for the kids, and continue love and energy for mom.

    Luvs and hugs, Grace for us all!

  2. Great message. Thank you for sharing.
    I am so grateful and thankful to know you and your family.
    We will all continue to pray for Rudy and all the Geylings.

  3. Trish- you’re an inspiration… we love you and send you all so many hugs, prayers, and kisses from Boston. If only we could be nearer to help make grilled cheese sandwiches in SB or sit by Rudy’s side. Love, Andrea

  4. Hi Trish,

    Thanks for your honesty today about feeling unthankful…and then the transformation that took place in your heart–what a wonderful reminder that as we focus on what we have and not what we are missing we will have reason to celebrate. I’m sure Rudy was celebrating having the three of you with him today–sweet pictures of him with Max and Livy.

    Have a great time at home this weekend…hope you get some good rest and family time. And may Rudy be blessed with great progress and strength. We pray too, that Rolf’s back will heal quickly.

    Psalm 68:19 Thanks be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens.

  5. Rolf and Trish,

    You are on our minds and hearts. Our God loves you and your being real with Him and all of us. Rudy, Olivia, Max and Wilson are blessed through your love and faith. The One who loves us is strong snd is on your side. Love the dancing tree!

    Joe and Angie

  6. Rolf and Trish,

    You are on our minds and hearts. Our God loves you and your being real with Him and all of us. Rudy, Olivia, Max and Wilson are blessed through your love and faith. The One who loves us is strong and is on your side. Love the dancing tree!

    Joe and Angie

  7. I love you, Trish. You have to know that you are a picture of God’s goodness. (And not just during these trying times.) You are his precious daughter and show us all what it means to live a life of service. Press on, friend. We love you!

  8. My heart is filled with emotions while reading this post. Yes, it is very hard to reconcile feelings of thankfulness and our personal feelings, when it touches our family…. I pray for strength and patience, so that God can mend your heart, and heal your pain.
    We love you very much
    Faith and Richard

  9. Trish,
    You must be reading “Jesus Calling” in your devotions for as I read mine today, I glanced at yesterday’s which I didn’t read-and say the passage of the “scales falling off”. It’s been a great devotional for me this year and I shared it with Jantina for her birthday, too.

    Thanks for being real with us. Wish I could help make it easier but I know that prayer is the best way I can do that for you for know.

  10. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Thanksgiving Day. Can relate to forgetting how thankful we need to be for it all when the going gets tough. Open the eyes of my heart, Lord. You are all in my prayers as you continue to journey down the road set before you with the twists and turns and potholes along the way. Remembering last day after Thanksgiving when we were all here eating turnkey leftovers with Steven and Linda and the kiddos. Memories are sweet reminders of God’s goodness. May His grace, love and mercy be ever present in your lives. Love and hugs … Aunt Dorothy

  11. Yes…thankful for 8 weeks! Lot’s of love from Oregon….as well as a couple power wedgies for Max and Willie-dog….maybe one for Rolf too when he can stand up straight.

    Bryan and Cinthia

  12. God certainly uses you Trish. What a beautiful message to us all. Here we are trying to minister to you and you minister to us. I hope you won’t mind but I have emailed it to others. It needs to be shared. The devil loves to steal our joy. But we rebuke him in the name of Jesus because the joy of the Lord is our strength! Hugs and thank you. God is good!

  13. Precious Trish…thank you for sharing the struggles of your heart. Anyone of us would have been in the same state without a doubt…but how faithful and loving of the Saviour to pull you out with His loving touch. Because He walked this earth and knows pain and discouragement as we know it, He for sure understands your dear heart. I cannot get over the eyes of that dear little Rudy…they look as though he is understanding in some way what is going on…they are so clear and beautiful. We are so sorry that you were not able to spend Thanksgiving together as a family and for the pain it caused you…but we are thankful for His faithfulness in restoring your joy and your dear heart there, ready to take it. You must have been reading “Jesus Calling”, as someone said. Please read Ps. 103 and let it bathe your heart. We pray for complete restoration for Rolf, and quickly. Our prayers are with all of you as is our love. You are a blessing to us!

  14. Oh Trish and Rolf I am so sorry for your disappointment, but I am so grateful that God showed up to remind you he is still on the throne. Thank you for your honesty. Blessings on the Geyling family and on Rolfs back. Much love and many prayers.

  15. I am so proud of you, Trish, and Rolf, Wilson, Max, and Olivia, and Rudy too! God is certainly showing you a lot, friend, and I am thankful He lifted you up through that devotional. What an example for your kids. Praying for you sooo much, for healing and strength for all, for rest, for Rudy to recover and thrive. There is so much love in that little CTICU room, I can’t wait to get back there and see you again. I’m praying for all the details of getting the kids settled after school, etc. Love you, my friend!

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