Pacing for a marathon

Thanks to everyone for your concern these last few days.  I think we know what it means now to “hit the wall”, but Trish and I have enjoyed some good rest.  Oma is taking a shift at Rudy’s bedside so we’ll try to maintain a slower pace for the next couple of days.  We certainly know the importance of “taking care of one’s self”, but there’s just no way to go through this without being stretched.

Rudy is stable.  The general indicators are that the fluid drainage is decreasing.  The strategy has included increasing feeds to his stomach (you might recall these were suspended several weeks back due to the NEC concerns with his intestines), but part of why this whole process may be dragging on so long is simply malnutrition.  While the calories from TPN coming intravenously are good, food coming through the stomach makes for better caloric loads.  After he did well on pedialyte yesterday, they started some high octane formula yesterday evening and are watching carefully to see how it processes.  His tummy is puffy, but there are good bowel sounds and movements (he’ll really enjoy reading this when he’s in high school).

In case you haven’t found them, Greg Lawler posted some cute pics of Rudy yesterday and today.  Check them out here and here.

12 thoughts on “Pacing for a marathon

  1. Can’t get over how sweet and precious that Rudy looks. Love his big eyes. That’s from our side of the family right Trish? Ha! I have Cousin Joan and his picture as my desktop picture here at work. Get some rest and restore. Praise him for HE inhabits our praise and worship! Sing Trish sing!

  2. So glad you guys get to get a little much needed rest. Rudy looks cool in his big boy bed. Have a great and relaxing weekend you guys. Love, Kelly

  3. Everyday I look forward to your updates and pray for God’s healing. You and Rudy and your kids are never far from my thoughts. You have done an extraordinary job of keeping us up to date and how to pray. This is how prayer works….we are reminded and encouraged and uplifted by what God is doing in your life and so…we pray. I think there is a medical career in your future! God will use all this, no doubt. I am so very thankful for who you are and and the sweet gift it is to be a small part of God’s work through prayer. Happy Thanksgiving! xxooR

  4. Thank God for Oma! We continue to pray for Rudy and the whole family every day, actually many times per day. Imagine Ben’s delight when he saw Grandpa Bobby today and Grandpa Bobby was wearing a Rudy wrist band!

  5. Dear Rudy we hope you od not have to have
    another operation again ges who love Mayali and kyra
    and Andrea and Lottie and Glitterdust (our fish).

    o0kj.kjnbcvccxa[pkjhfcxlkjgfsdsapoiuyy -(love Kyra)

  6. Haven’t been checking the blog, and of course there is a lot here!! I hope you both are feeling better, what a crazy time to both get sick. Ugh. Backs are terrible, and you Trish, how horrible to get so ill! Wish I could have been there to do something for you. Then to read about Cesar, what an inspiration much needed! Our prayers have never stopped, hope this weekend brings family, rest and peace much needed.

  7. Trish and Rolfie! I am so sorry this stress has hit you physically! UG! Please rest up! Rudy is being well cared for! You are doing great! Enjoy your time with the rest of the family! Please let us know what we can do! Visits? food? a Rudy shift? We love you!

  8. Yea for Helga, Yea for Helga! What a blessing you are to Rolf’s family. I could barely stand not being there if you had not been so generous with your time. Thank you, dear friend. It was great to see you and spend time together with Rudy and with the family in Goleta. Thank you and God bless you. Caring for the children and Franz takes a super woman–you are that for sure. I know you look forward to returning home next week and to eating the food Franz has prepared for your return……(:

    Eat well, Rudy! Luv to all.

  9. We will be praying for Trsh & Rolf and Rudy as you all need rest and strength to keep going forward from here. Hope it is a blessed weekend with nothing but wonderful rest and healing for all.

    Higs and kisses.

  10. Dear Trish and Rolf…..your updates are amazing…you are great writers and your words are filled with so many visuals of precious Rudy and about your lives and your feelings. Praying for Rudy is a joy and an honor to talk to God about your beautiful
    son. I have a blue bracelet and it is on my right wrist often…
    We also pray for both of you and your family and for protection of your health and continued strength in this challenging time of having to go between the hospital and home. God Bless all of you……
    Much love…

  11. Trish and Rolf, it is wonderful to see the pictures of Rudy, so sweet! So small and fragile yet held so closely and securely in God’s hands. He is well watched over!!
    Amidst all the heartache, waiting and uncertainties I can’t help but see a strength, courage and hope in your writings that is not of this world. I pray God will continue to carry you two and that you will feel His presence in more and more tangible ways. I hope that you will find renewed strength in knowing that you are being held up in prayer, just as Moses’ arms were held up toward God during battle and that now, just as then, He will prevail and the victory will be yours!!
    Have a wonderful, restful weekend at home! love, rb, ab and gb

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