Last Night Vacuumed!

Thanks to our friend Susie, our kids learned long ago the old Krehbiel trick of using the word “vacuums” in place of the word “sucks” when expressing displeasure about something.  It can make for an awkward moment as it did the day we drove the family around Santa Barbara for the first time when Rolf was considering the job at the Rescue Mission.  As we drove around the downtown streets, we asked the kids what they thought of the place and Wilson replied with a foggy stare, “Santa Barbara Vacuums”.  I jumped on him pretty hard emabarrassed by his disrespect when he said “No, look Mommy, it’s that shop over there”.  Ah, he got me!


Well, if you excuse the expression, last night vacuumed!  The day started out much like Tuesday with Rudy doped up and asleep most of the day.  Greg, Macey’s Daddy, came by for a visit laden with his camera gear to take cool pics of Rudy and I took a long walk around campus on what turned out to be a hot November day in So Cal.  Things, though, in the late afternoon took a turn for the worse but not with Rudy…this time it was with me.  I was discouraged by the end of the day as the fluid draining from Rudy’s chest tube INCREASED significantly rather than decreased after Monday’s surgical procedure to ligate the duct.  More than 120 ccs drained in a 12 hour period which was more than double what it was before the surgery.  In addition, the team wasn’t sure what kind of fluid it was…there seemed to be uncertainty and concern which sent my head spinning.  By dinner time, I was feeling sick and dehydrated.  Long story short, I ended up in the ER around 10pm with the help of my friend Kathy, headed back to Rudy’s room exhausted at 4am and slept through the shift change this morning until about 8:30am!  I hit a wall as did Rolf who was laid out at home with his recurring back pain while on the phone with Kathy getting the update on me!  The whole crazy night was just a reminder that this is stressful and can manifest itself physically.  So, my plan is to go home today and rest with the family for a couple of days.


The good news is today is a new day.  I woke up tired but better and Rudy’s output does seem to be decreasing (although we really need to wait 24 hours to compare).  He remains on full support on the vent and they will start the sprints up again next week along with some feeds of special formula to his gut.  For now, though, the plan is to let him rest over the weekend.  He has his big jowls again which make him look like a grumpy old man but, frankly, I wouldn’t blame him if he was a bit grumpy!  J 


God’s fingerprints have been all over this journey and I’m blessed by them even more in the midst of the challenges… thank you for continuing to be a vital part of God’s provision of grace during this time.  Love to you…from a sleepy CTICU.

19 thoughts on “Last Night Vacuumed!

  1. All I can say is that you are in God’s hands and I will continue my prayers for all of you. Yes, I believe stress is manifesting itself in your lives.

  2. Trish you have been such a true example of what a god fearing woman is. So glad that you are giving yourself a small break.Go and get some rest. God will watch over Rudy. I love you Trish and you and deeply in my prayers. Blessings to the entire family..

  3. Trish you have been such a true example of what a god fearing woman is. So glad that you are giving yourself a small break.Go and get some rest. God will watch over Rudy. I love you Trish and you and deeply in my prayers. Blessings to the entire family..Hope to be able to see you.

  4. Dears, we have the prayer chain going again for you y’all….

    Dear Jesus, cushion these loved ones with your comfort and peace! Give them eyes to see beyond today and deep rest in your unfailing love.

    May the God of hope fill you…..

    The Van Fam

  5. Bless your heart, Trish! I know its hard to leave Rudy by himself. But I’m glad you are going to be able to spend some time at home all together! Be secure knowing that there are many angels watchig over Rudy — and you all too! I’m praying that you will find rest and peace at home in Santa Barbara and that Rudy will get rest and strength while youa re gone. Give hugs to everyone from the Kansas Wilsons!!

  6. Trish, my heart goes out to you and Rolf. I would have collapsed a long time ago. Take care of yourself my friend and keep leaning on the Lord as you have so faithfully done. Enjoy your weekend with the family. Love, Kelly

  7. Oh Trish and Rolf, we are so sorry. I am asking God to pour over your whole family his strength and top it off with wonderful rest in his arms.

    Hugs and more hugs,
    Shawn, Krista Sue and Benjamin

  8. Trish – you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of everyone else. I know I am a perfect stranger to you but I so wish that I could have done ICU duty for Alan and Vickie and for you and Rolf. Absent that, I can pray that God has your back so you can have Rudy’s.

  9. Dear Trish-
    Take good care of yourself and the family as you head home. Love to the kids ! I pray God keeps Rudy safe so you and Rolf can get a bit of rest. I pray Rudy’s little body heals – Go Rudy Go !!!!!!!

  10. Dear Trish and Rolf, Be together, strength will come to you as you are together as a family. All of our prayers will be with Rudy. My heart aches as I read about you Trish. Glad you will be together in Santa Barbara, even for a short time. I know it is very hard to leave Rudy-but know he is in God’s hands and our hearts. Hugs!!

  11. Rolf, Trish and family, there are sooo many things I want to say…please know that our prayers are with you. I find myself thinking of you and checking Rudy’s Beat every day since I heard the news. There are mighty prayer warriors at our church praying right now for you all. We love you and a little humor for a smile ….as Johnny Daryl use to say, “Keep your tailgate dry”. I never really knew what that meant but Daddy sure thought it was funny when he said it. Maybe it was a Fink or Treu thing…then again maybe it was Kansas humor. Ha

  12. You are doing an amazing job. What a strong mom you are…. and what an insperation you are to me. I am glad to hear that you will be here loving on your family. and you hubby. I pray that you will be all recharged and continued prayer for the Rudster Heal and rest baby love. Love to you all alana and family

  13. I hope your night home together was restorative to you’re entire family. Thank you for the blessing of letting me hug you and Rudy yesterday before your trip home.
    Much love and continued prayers.

  14. Guys! We love you and I’m frankly ready for there to be some relief for you (listen, God~!!), but I can tell that He provides just the right amount of grace at these times…more trials, more grace. and c’mon Rudy, you can do it!!!!! Lord, PLEASE decreade those cc’s.

  15. Hi Trish and Rolf,

    Wow this has been a hard week and I’m praying for you. I wish I could’ve gotten up there this week to be with you but couldn’t. Soon! I am praying for you all, friends, that God recharges you as you rest. We all love you so much!!

  16. You, Trish and Rolf, as well as Rudy have been through a very stressful journey! When the going gets rough ,let go and let God. I know you do that anyway,and He is taking care of all of you. Keeping you in our daily prayers, Jane and Joe

  17. I can’t even imagine the exhaustion, sleeplessness and fatigue you all must feel every single day. When Rudy is better and you and Rolf can get away for a night, I want you to come and stay at the Inn. You both need a quiet retreat. I will continue to pray that God gives you rest, peace and great hope that this will all be better soon.

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