5pm…He’s In.

I just got the call here at home from Rolf in the surgery waiting room that Rudy went into the OR at 5pm.  There was some delay in getting him to the OR as the attending CTICU doctor couldn’t release Rudy until they got some numbers back from the lab but he’s there now…Dr Reemtsen’s part will be done in 30 minutes, Rolf will probably see him in about 90 minutes and I’m pacing the kitchen floor at home in Santa Barbara.  It has been good for me to be home with the kids today doing school drop offs/pick ups, football practice transport and going on the Girl Scout Brownie field trip (taking cookies to the fire fighters!) but I must say it is agony not being with Rudy too.  I’ll head back to take my shift with Rudy tomorrow morning and stay until Friday most likely.  Please pray that this procedure will do what it is supposed to and that this will be the push Rudy needs to get past this “fluid” hurdle and positioned for some progress once he recovers from surgery.  Thank you…thank you!

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