Please Pray for Cesar!

There are a handful of families we’ve met since we’ve been in the CTICU that have become very special to us…Ceasar’s family is one of them.  Rolf and I have been wanting to introduce you to them through our blog and we will post a longer introduction later but for now will you pray for Cesar today as he is undergoing a second heart transplant as I write?  The news that they had a match came late last night and Cesar was taken down for prep around 3am!  We’ve watched this courageous family wait patiently for a heart for their 15 year old son since we met them a few weeks ago.  It took my breath away when Cesar’s mom came to Rudy’s room last night and told me they had a heart!  It will be a long day for this precious family.  Please pray the surgery is successful and that this heart is a perfect match for Cesar…I also can’t help but think of the family of the unknown donor…I pray God’s covering over them as well…Bless them!!!

5 thoughts on “Please Pray for Cesar!

  1. I just prayed for him – that there be no rejection issues whatsoever!!! That it be just the perfect heart for him.

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