Coming to pull the tube…

It’s 9:40am here in sunny So Cal and the doctors just finished their morning rounds.  Although Rudy had a little hiccup around midnight when his saturation numbers went up and his blood pressure went down, they’ve decided to go ahead with the extubation.  Dr. Rick feels Rudy has a 60% chance of success but they really don’t know until they try.  Nurse Rosella just came in to get him positioned!  Poor thing, he has no idea what’s going to happen…Rolf and I are pacing the floor for him.  We’ll keep you posted….

7 thoughts on “Coming to pull the tube…

  1. Best wished Rudy…we know you can do it! Our prayers are with you.
    Hugs and kisses too.
    The Lisama Family

  2. I am praying for you Rudy!! Take some big deep breaths and I pray that both sides of the diaphram will work equally well. Trish and Rolf we are praying for you her at CA.

  3. This is an awesome step for Rudy! PRAYING FOR HIM coninutally, and for the medical team to have wisdom in the best things for Rudy. And praying that God gives Rudy breath! GO RUDY GO!!!!

  4. Our prayers are there for Rudy, what a huge step!! And love his new digs, hope the “Jeffersons” are not too jealous!! I can hear Wheezy now!!! I bet she would say Rudy’s name so wonderfully!! Oh my goodness, do hope everything goes well. I just don’t know what to write, am so excited for this step!

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