On The Move…at 6 weeks old!

Preparing for crib to arrive...
Preparing for crib to arrive...
“Well, we’re movin’ on up (movin’ on up) to the top.  To a deluxe apartment in the sky-y-y”…
Logan’s mommy and I were singing “The Jeffersons” theme song today as we paraded around Rudy’s room waiting for his crib to arrive.  Yes, I said CRIB.  Just minutes before, when I came back from lunch, Nurses Filma and Rosella were busy preparing Rudy and all his lines for a switch to a crib…a big boy bed! 
It was quite a production requiring help from Oscar the RT as the ventilator needed to be turned off completely for a minute or two during the transfer.  Soon Nurse Filma lifted Rudy up, the bassinet was wheeled out, the crib was wheeled in and Rudy was chillin’ in a new       comfy bed.  An indication that he is “on the move”.
Today was Rudy’s 6-week birthday and he celebrated by successfully completing 2 four-hour sprints.  They started him off on a three-hour sprint early this morning and when he reached 3 hours with relative ease, they let him go for another hour!  Good job Rudy.   3-month old Logan, our CTICU neighbor two doors down and a fellow Santa Barbara-ite, was extubated today and I guess Rudy’s urge to compete kicked in because he excelled during his sprints and the docs think extubation is worth a try tomorrow!!!! 
Bye bye bassinet!
Bye bye bassinet!
This is exciting news!  Dr. Rick described it as a trial extubation to see how the diaphragm will perform.  An ultrasound today determined that the left diaphragm is not functioning as well as the right and tomorrows attempt will help determine why and whether or not if will hinder his ability to breathe on his own.  The fluid output is still a factor but not preventing us from moving forward at this point. All his little systems really need to pull together tomorrow morning and do their thing!!  Please pray for Rudy’s strength and that all the factors involved will cooperate with each other!!  Big Day!!!Whether or not it’s a successful attempt at getting Rudy off the ventilator, it does feel like a big step forward and it’s encouraging.  We’ll have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.


Nurses Filma and Rosella position Rudy
Nurses Filma and Rosella position Rudy
Final adjustments
Final adjustments


crib day 6

(Rudy’s new rig)
crib day 7

15 thoughts on “On The Move…at 6 weeks old!

  1. Rudy,
    you just made our day! We had a tough day, saying goodbye to our Munchkin, but to come home and see your news brought a HUGE smile to our faces. This is a major step forward, and you are one incredible little boy.

  2. Go Rudy!
    I Know you will do great tomorrow on your own lung power.
    We will be praying for you as always.
    Love the new big boy bed, way cool and much more colorful too.
    Hugs and kisses from us all.
    The Lisama Family

  3. We’re so glad to hear this encouraging news. We pray it will go really well tomorrow! Enjoy your new bed, Rudy! It looks like an improvement in the comfort category. And you have something new to look at–can you still see your fun ocean/bubble toy?

    Breathe strong Rudy…we’re all praying for you!

  4. Wow! that was such a nice surprise to hear about the crib…..so happy for you….and just hearing about Rudy’s sprints was a breath of fresh air- ha!

    Big kisses to the big boy and hugs to momma too!
    It’s so sweet to hear our daughter pray for Rudy….and Katie’s family….you are in our prayers often in the day….

  5. Yippee Rudy – you look so happy in your new big boy bed!!! We love you and can’t wait to hear how well you do tomorrow…

  6. That is a crib in name only…my goodness! Looks like something they would have built on Extreme Makeover, totally over the top! Ty must be around somewhere! Praying for strength today little Rudy and that all your little systems will be a go for the big solo breathing reveal! God is faithful!!

  7. Wow! I just missed the new “digs” and the great sprint. Guess I will have to come again to see you in the new “Rudy’s” room. Tried to call your Mommie yesterday and did’t get through to her phone–I bet she was the cheerleader during the “big boy” event. Rudy, we are all so proud of you. I know what hard work it is for you to do those sprints but it seems as if you are getting stronger. God willing, you will win the race. Know what? I love you, little guy. Hi to all of your unbelievable nurses and doctors and your courageous Mom. Praying fervently for you!

  8. What awesome news. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUDY! Six weeks old and gettin’ his own crib; too cool. He looks like a big boy and it’s great to watch him grow through your wonderful photos. Praying for his continued positive progress. Love you all, Kelly

  9. Love your new digs Rudy! Rest up today as tomorrow is your 1/2 marathon. (Don’t worry, you have been in training!) Happy Birthday too! All this excitment…whew! God is good and you, my little friend, are adorable! Hugs to mommy! Krista Sue and crew

  10. This is SO exciting! Looking forward to positive extubation results tomorrow. Rock on little Rudy…………here’s to your wonderful nursing staff. We love the pictures of your compassionate bedside care of Rudy.

    Katie’s Nana
    Kwajalein Hospital
    Marshall Islands

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