standbyAs exciting as it was to see the ventilator removed and set on “Standby”, it turns out we’re standing by in a larger sense right now.  As they got Rudy extubated, Dr. Rick took time for a good listen and did not feel that Rudy was getting enough air to breath with out the machine.  Before they re-intubated, they called for an ultrasound which showed that his lungs are functioning as they should but the left diaphragm is not working properly preventing the left lung from getting enough air.  We are waiting for further assessment on the ultrasound film. 

So, another bump and we’re waiting to hear how the team will address this one.  So many things about life are on standby already–what’s a bit more.  It’s disappointing but has given us very helpful information.  It was good to see Rudy’s little unobstructed mouth and in the 30 minutes he had off the ventilator it looks like he was trying to scream, but it appears he’s got a killer sore throat (common among vent patients) and couldn’t vocalize anything.

Look at that pretty mouth! 

Look at that pretty mouth!


Here’s Rudy in action–
In the capable care of Dr. Rick and Nurse Rosella:

14 thoughts on “Standby

  1. Oh that’s tough!!!! We’ll pray that the solution to that lazy little diaphragm will be found….and for an extra dose of patience as you stand by…..
    Love you…kiss the boy for us!

  2. What an emotional set of videos… it does bring him into another light…
    What a cute little baby ! We’ll be praying more precisely for him to be able to resolve all the breathing problems, and that he can breath on his own without any medical help… that will be a great breakthrough…
    We love you !
    Faith and Richard Groves

  3. Trish and Rolf, what a beautiful little guy he is!! What a sweet baby. Hard to watch him struggle or know that he’s uncomfortable but what a joy to see his beautiful little face.
    We, as so many, continue to lift you all up in prayer and hold you dear in our hearts! the brews

  4. Thanks for the videos…it really makes Rudy’s challenge so real. Can’t imagine gasping for breath like that! I’m praying for a strong diaphragm and lungs and rich deep breaths! Come on, Rudy!!! You can do it!

    Trish, I can’t imagine how hard that is for you to watch! I’m praying for your comfort, peace and emotional strength as well! Love you guys!

  5. Wow, I just figured out that I could watch thoes videos of Rudy.
    We will keep praying.

    Rudy, Remind your mommy to e-mail the prayer requests for your quilt, so we cab get that started.

    Bonnie & family

  6. Oh look how beautiful and chubby he is. We are praying that God continues to revitalize and restore his body. – DJ and Heather Reed

  7. Amazing as it was to watch that video, I couldn’t keep from choking up…gripping to the heart.
    What a fight for life; good job, Rudy!

    Love you so much.

  8. That is one very cute little boy! Today was a HUGE day- it may not have met all of your hopes and dreams, but it was a major step forward nonetheless. Keep the faith…

  9. thank you for the updates. with all that you have on your mind it is truly amazing that you take time to keep us informed. the video really brings it home. he is so precious. so precious. we keep praying.

  10. Oh Trish what a amzing little boy…he is so brave. I can’t stop crying as I think of him working so hard. His little body is learning little by little, and how great that now you have that information about his diaphragm. Now we know how to pray even more specifically.

  11. Fight Rudy, fight! You are a tough little guy. I pray that God gives you both a super dose of peace right now and you eb and flow with your little Rudy. We will pray specifically for his diaphragm to work filling those precious lungs!

  12. I’m thinking of those old high school “fight songs” and praying them for Rudy: “Fight, fight, fight, with all your might!” Dear Trish & Rolf, I’m praying for you two, too: “The Lord gives strength to His people, the Lord blesses His people with peace” (Ps. 29:11). May you feel that strength and peace to buoy you along this journey.

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